What If Fear Was Our Only Enemy?

July 21st, 2020
What If Fear Was Our Only Enemy?


Fear limits accurate intuition, reduces awareness, makes reason and logic impossible, and weakens our ability to empathize.

Fear catalyzes an always-searching mindset and a need to make sense of what lacks sense in that moment.

Fear births and propagates conspiracy theories and seeks out other fearful minds to infect. Under duress, the mind can make an enemy out of a loved one, or even people we’ve never met. (There is a wonderful Star Trek Voyager episode called “Nemesis” that illustrates propaganda’s ability to make us see what isn’t there.)

Fears left unchecked make our minds look for someone or something to save us, but that’s looking outside of ourselves to fix an internal misalignment, which will never work. Fear of the future manifests in longing for a past where we thought everything was wonderful (and as a healing facilitator, I’ve heard enough horror stories to know things weren’t as rosy as we would have liked to believe), but that goes against our evolutionary impulse to grow and to adapt to new challenges and situations.

Fear limits inward reflection and will point out (or make up) flaws in others to focus on (which births racism, sexism, classism, etc.).

We have to heal ourselves so we don’t get caught in the tidal wave of unloving words and actions.

It's time to heal our learned fears of “other.” Granted, that will take a continuous and conscious re-choosing for us to get into a space of love, but isn't it worth the effort?

Only love heals.

~Excerpt from “Empathipedia: Healing for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons”

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