What is Meant By, "It's Meant to Be"?

July 3rd, 2022
What is Meant By, "It's Meant to Be"?

"It's meant to be."

What comes up for you when others say this to you? 

Have you said it yourself? 

What does it really mean? 

And have your ever looked at your individual challenges — or the very long list of current crises — and asked yourself, “How can THIS be what is MEANT TO BE?”

If what currently exists weren’t meant to be, it wouldn’t currently exist. Therefore, whatever IS, is exactly what is meant to be.

But that doesn’t mean that WHAT IS — and is meant to be in this moment — has to be that way forever.

We can change it.

Meaning, what is meant to be isn't meant to be this way forever.

Once we can accept that, we can better open to inspiration on how to best use our skills to implement the change we desire to see and experience. Recognizing that WHAT IS is there for a reason rather than labeling it wrong or bad is an invitation to acceptance and right action. From that place of acceptance rather than fighting WHAT IS, we can better use WHAT IS as a springboard for WHAT CAN BE.

Once acceptance is in place, we can better process the energies that WHAT IS brings up and co-create a new reality from a level beyond mind — whereas trying to make changes from our wounding or a place of fighting the current reality further cements into place exactly what you're trying to change!

Example: You're a heart-centered person. You abhor unnecessary violence. You see violence all around you and it bothers you and you are quick to label it wrong. Understandable. But that judgement abets more judgement. And judgment is not of the heart. 

If we can recognize that unprocessed wounding closes the heart, and that this closing is what allows one to do violent (or unloving) things, we can better understand WHAT IS and WHY. We don't have to like it, but we do have to accept it as WHAT IS... for now.

If we can see that fighting violence with violence only begets more violence, we can also intuitively ask how we can rise above those tendencies within ourselves to better respond to the violent tendencies of others. We can inquire how to get past judging these parts of self and others to co-create a more peaceful world within... and without. 

First, we go within and allow whatever is there—in relation to WHAT IS—to arise within us. If anger arises, we embrace it. If sadness arises we embrace that. These are all parts of ourselves in need of healing. Healing these parts of self allows inspired action from a greater Source to be more easily available. We need to move THROUGH our individual pain that blocks higher wisdom. When we're agitated, anxious or angry, the channels to higher wisdom close down. Only from a clearer place can we truly see/feel/hear Divine Wisdom. When seeing beyond mind, our personal filters won't be in the way of a clear understanding. Then, we can better understand and utilize what is coming our way and know how to lovingly respond.  

Not that agitation, anxiousness, and anger are negative things. They're normal parts of the human experience. But they do filter the transmissions that I believe are always coming to us. By embracing — dare I say even loving — those parts of us, we integrate those energies rather than bury, repress, or deny them, or worse, act upon them.

Love the anger!?!? WHY?!?!

Judging it doesn't work. That expands the energy. So what else is there? 

What is the highest vibration, and is also our inherent truth?


Love transforms everything from a lower vibration to a higher vibration. 

Is it easy?

Hells to the no. 

But does it seem worth it to you? Does it make enough sense to even try it? And can we do the more difficult work within ourselves so that we can co-create a better world for us all?

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