January 31st, 2015

 Fibromyalgia has many symptoms, for example, muscle tightness, fatigue, sleep difficulties, and joint stiffness to name a few. Wouldn’t it make sense that if the underlying cause were addressed properly that the above-named symptoms (and others) could be reduced or eliminated? Wouldn’t this “domino effect” help people live more vibrant lives, help them to sleep well, and have reduced pain overall? For any chance of positive results, we have to address the underlying causes head on, right? But…

There is no known cause.  So, let’s look to the unknown!

 My clients have told me that after working with a wide variety of practitioners and modalities, typically the best relief they’ve experienced was temporary symptom management. While that can be good for many, my clients want a lot better than “good” — and most importantly, they’re willing to venture to the unknown with me to get there. They’re quite aware that what they’ve been doing isn’t working, and are ready and willing to make the necessary changes.

 As a medical intuitive, I’m often privy to the underlying causes of most pain and illness. In the people I’ve worked with who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, the most common lesser-known causes are a very high degree of sensitivity, and an unhealthy and unbalanced sense of responsibility for others. It's the end result of absorbing too much frustration, resentment, and anger belonging to others. Combine this with our own general frustration, resentment, and anger—even our frustration, resentment, and anger from not getting any relief—and this can form a very difficult group of symptoms that typically can’t be healed at the root level by Western medicine. Of course there are other factors, but for the purposes of this blog and looking to the lesser-known possibilities, these are the most common that I've seen and have successfully worked with.) 

 These Empaths a/o Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs—of which I’m one!) take on the energy, thoughts, and emotions of other people. When a high degree of sensitivity meets an unhealthy sense of responsibility, it makes some of us a “walking sponge.” Instead of being secure and strong in our own energy, we “empaths” are easily affected by what’s going on around us—and we feel a need to fix what’s happening even if it means we absorb it for the illusionary benefit of others.

 Many books and practices recommend setting up firmer boundaries to deal with this. And once again, that’s good, but not great. Without extreme presence and constant management, this attempted “shielding” can block the desired creativity, intuition, and healing in addition to the unwanted fears, anger, and grief of others. This leaves empaths & HSPs stiff, fatigued, anxious or even depressed—or at minimum, frustrated! 

 Oftentimes, we (un)consciously attempt to block the incoming negative energy by tightening our muscles for protection. This is a logical defense mechanism and part of the parasympathetic nervous system’s (PNS) reaction to stress. Extended PNS stimulation weakens your energy fields and leaves you highly susceptible to absorbing what’s not yours. Thus, I invite you to call your condition, fibro-NOT-MY-algia.

 As we would do with any symptoms, in order to heal at a deep level, we have to intuit the underlying causes and also the hidden message within those symptoms. If you haven’t felt seen or heard, for example, or have lots of frustration about your current place in the world, your body will react negatively to that. Accepting what’s true can begin to heal these energies within you. It involves not only understanding that certain persons were unable or unwilling to hear you but also befriending your reactions to those events. Some people may say you have to forgive the other person’s actions; I’d add that we should do so from a place of compassion and understanding that the offender’s heart has likely been closed by their own wounding. From that clarity, it’s easier to see that everyone is just doing the best they can with what they’ve been given.

Frustration, resentment, and anger are among the most detrimental of energies—not only because of their own inherent potential to cause harm but also because we tend to judge these aspects of ourselves as negative. So our resentment of frustration, or our frustration with resentment or our place in the world, can be as detrimental as the initial energy itself, if not more so.

Step back and then step in, loving the self and perhaps asking, “How could I have known any better, given my understandings of the world and my experience in it?

By doing the Body Scan detailed in Chapter 4 of Empathipedia, you can determine what’s not yours and begin the energetic healing of the underlying causes of Fibro-not-my-algia. Any energies that are not our own should be returned to the source, as described in Chapter 5.



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