Time Passages...

August 5th, 2020
Time Passages...

Aug 4 2020                      

As I began to write this week’s note, I kept hearing Al Stewart’s Time Passages (from 1978!). You may remember his song, The Year of the Cat as well. They kind of sound the same. Or if you’re under 40, you may not remember him at all. I hadn’t thought of him or this song in decades, but it's reminding me that my memory of time’s passages—even this year—seems very different from other years.

On Sunday night I called someone who normally books her appointments on Sunday night; however, this week she scheduled for Monday. And when her time on Monday came around, instead I called next week’s Monday appointment. Fortunately, in both cases no one answered!  Which was my clue that something was awry; most of my clients are on time and well-prepared for our sessions!

After speaking with so many people, challenges with time—in a different way than prior—don’t seem so unusual. Time has shifted into something very different for many of us on the planet… at this time. The combination of uncertainty, fear, and the stresses of not seeing our family and friends in person (or the stresses of seeing them too much!), has done something to us that I don’t think too many of us have conscious recollection of happening in our lifetimes. Surely we’ve all experienced the illusion of time feeling shortened or extended, but both at the same, um, time? And that combined with all the emotions associated with these time shifts and world events—all seemingly happening simultaneously?

That is some crazy shit right there.


I’m writing to remind you that feeling alone or frustrated or afraid or confused by what’s currently happening both within the self and external to the self is normal considering all that’s going on. Please don’t judge your feelings or experiences! Rather, look at arising emotions as if they’re long lost friends that we’ve buried that remain unhealed, and experiences as just moments in, time. No stories or judgments are needed.

Old stories of low self-worth, being judged as bad for having raw, human feelings, and fearing being wrong guide many of our decisions we make to this day. Anyone struggle with perfectionism? Lack of creativity? Lack of trust in allowing life on life’s terms? Thinking there isn’t enough time to do what we think we came here to do?

Unresolved emotional wounds attract to us what we perceive as the wrong person, or the wrong job, or they manifest in life’s blockages, pain or illness that don’t seem to heal no matter how much time and attention we give them.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “Time heals all.”

Well, I call BS on that. Certainly, you could say that time is part of the healing process and that some things happen on their own time (without much or any conscious effort), such as healing a minor scrape, cut or bruise. But deeply buried emotions aren’t healed by time.

At all.

No, time not used well gives the root levels of pain and illness more opportunity to be repressed, buried, or denied, or spiritualized or mentally bypassed. In this case, time is your enemy, not your friend.

Used well; however, time can be an ally. Addressing the true root of your conditions and even the unconscious resistance to healing is a much better use of your time.

There are other challenges to healing as well. Empaths and HSPs don’t have much success using the tools that seem to work for everyone else. We need the right tools for the right job! At Thursday’s Livestream, we’ll address some of these lesser known levels of causality, of resistance to healing, and using the right tools for the deepest healing possible. And then we’ll have an experience of individual and group healing in a safe, group container!

For those not into group events, thank you for scheduling your private sessions. It’s such an amazing thing I get to witness as well as facilitate, seeing and feeling each person get exactly what they need and at the exact speed, intensity and duration they can handle. And I’ve come to love not only the emotional work we do, but also working through any resistance that may show up by intuiting what the resistance really is about and how to work with it in the best possible way for that person at that time. Sometimes I have no idea where it’s going or how we’re going to get there, but my intuition guides it all and I merely relay the information, hold space as best I can, and witness the magic happening!

In either case, group or private, I have a deep KNOWING that what needs to happen will. In my mind, I have zero doubt. To me, it’s done, even before we begin.

Did I learn that overnight? No, trusting Source took time. I had resistance to being guided. I had resistance to working with empaths. I had resistance to, well, you name it, I’ve fought it. But over time, meaning time used well and consciously, things have shifted. And if I can shift from the hard-headed, stubborn, know-it-all who really knew very little, you too can shift from whatever is blocking you to your next greatest vision of yourself, even if you have no idea what that may be!

Thank you for trusting me and this work!

Best to all,



PS Next week we’ll be doing two Livestream group events: “Healing Grief” and an all-new and very different event, “Open Circle for Empaths and Sensitives.” The latter became necessary based on my experience leading the Healing Circles, over time.


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