How to Clear Entities

May 26th, 2015
How to Clear Entities


I don’t advertise clearing entities as a service per se — but when a subject comes up repeatedly during sessions and in group work, and I intuit how to work with it and we get amazing results, it’s time to speak to that. 

First, What is An Entity? 

I’ve heard many ideas on the subject of entities. Some say they’re lost, disembodied souls. Others say they’re non-Earth bound energies, and some go as far as to say they’re the manifestations of The Big Red Guy. And no, I don’t mean NBA Hall of Famer Bill Walton. Others say they are parts of the self that have split off due to trauma.

But you know what? To me, it's little matter where they’re from or who they are. What matters more is what they’re here for, and how we heal what they're pointing to. 


I’ve seen practitioners talk to the entity, various versions of “Go back to where you belong” and alike. I’m really not trying to be a wise a$$ but doesn’t that assume they have enough intelligence to understand your native tongue and follow instructions? (That may be possible, but the entities I’ve worked with seemed more like lost babies than fully cognizant beings capable of what we describe as a two-way conversation.) We can also assume they’d have a reason to be there and might not leave just because we ask them to. I’ve heard other practitioners’ ideas as well, but none (that I’ve met anyway) address WHY the entities attach to a person, show up in visions or in one's aura. Isn’t that the X factor for any chance of permanent healing? 

Similar to how I help people with absorbed energy that has manifested in illness, we can’t just address the symptom. Well, we can of course, but that’s going to get you temporary results at best. And while that’s okay if that’s all that’s available, eventually you’ll tire of seeking more and more healing work from numerous books, workshops and practitioners. All are well meaning of course, but if the actual causes aren’t addressed, you’ll continue searching.

What I’ve intuited is that similar to a key opening only one particular lock, entities are attracted to a particular vibration. I “see” this as an energetic void that entities enter, hover near, or point to, but I don’t see the entities as evil. 

Are There “Negative Energies”?

A gentle reminder: it’s not what happens to us, nor about pointing the finger of blame outward, but rather taking responsibility for what and who we attract and why, and then responding consciously, compassionately and lovingly, rather than re-acting from a place of fear. True growth is becoming strong in our energetic, mental, physical and spiritual bodies, with or without an outside reminder to do so. Even an angel when seen through the eyes of fear can be scary. 

I see these entities as reminders. Messengers letting us know we have an energetic weakness. I then intuit what caused the weakness and address that directly. When we fill the energetic hole from the inside out, the entity no longer is attracted to that void (a particular vibration no longer present) in that person. It will leave peacefully. And it will stay away. 

How do we fill the hole? That depends on what caused it! 

It could be stress, illness, or a feeling of separation. It could be guilt, fear, or over-responsibility. It could also be a host of things I’ve not yet seen. Quality self analysis often is difficult, especially if the entity has a hold on you, but by being present and asking Source, or a medical intuitive, or even a trusted friend what that message is, we can then get a clear idea of what needs addressing and how to to do so!

Once the message is made clear, the fear of entities is often automatically replaced with gratitude for the message, and isn’t that a higher vibration that always brings us closer to healing and wholeness? Then, do the deeper work with myself or another practitioner to fill the energetic void... from the inside out.

Anything you fight gets more energy. So do you want to focus on the problem or the solution?

Embrace the messengers and the message, take appropriate action (too many variables to list in a short blog, and the process is best done on an individual needs basis anyway because what works for some might not work for others), and they’ll leave you be. Really, they'll leave you willingly, easily, and even gracefully. And in my experience, this can happen in a few minutes. I can't recall a session where this had to be revisited.

No one or no thing wants to (can!) live where they're not getting what they need. When you've healed the underlying weakness, they'll find another person to inhabit. While that may not feel very compassionate, remember, it taught you something about yourself, and now it's going to teach something to another.

Deeper Healing

Deeper healing comes with being guided through a tangible, visceral experience of doing the work. This way, your body learns as much as your mind does. Healing without full body learning isn't healing, it's symptom management only. More on this can be found in my book, Empathipedia: Healing for Empaths & Highly Sensitive Persons.

And, because you're an empath and care about others, please know that it's not your job to heal the entity. That's not true caring, it's more likely over-responsibility made manifest.



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