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Healing for Empaths, Sensitives and Intuitives

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Empath or Intuitive, you are already aware of your uniqueness. However, did you know that 20% of people consider themselves to be empaths, intuitives, or HSPs? And a good many of them are dealing with the same issues that you are.

Thus, even though the general public, medical professionals, or even members of your own family might not understand you, there are others that do!


As an intuitive medical practitioner and guide to thousands of other Empaths and HSPs—in addition to being an Empath and HSP himself—Dave Markowitz has discovered that our physical, emotional, energetic, and even dietary needs differ. We unknowingly absorb other people's energy because we are inherently more receptive. An excessive amount of this energetic absorption results in ailments and pains that are extremely difficult to identify, let alone treat at the root level.

Sadly, our capacity to remain healthy, focused, in the moment, and genuinely connected to others has drastically declined in light of the numerous crises we face today, including those related to war, misinformation, racism, political polarization, misogyny, economic inequality, and more—possibly more so than at any other time in our lives.

Regardless of whether you consider yourself to be an intellectual, heyoka, emotional, physical, or other sort of empath...

If you are a highly sensitive person or an empath, you require precise and efficient techniques tailored to YOUR condition!

During your meeting or event with Dave, you can:

  • Find out which energies are your own and which are owned by others, as well as what you can do for each;
  • Discover the ideal healing technique for your unique circumstance;
  • Learn strategies to support your recovery and sustain your newly achieved levels of health;
  • Learn simple preventative techniques to help you avoid energetic and emotional overwhelm;
  • Reduce or eliminate symptoms at the root;
  • Learn how to support people without becoming exhausted and;
  • Rediscover your innate happiness!


Your sensitivity is a gift to the world, but it requires some adjustment to help you go from being burdened to thriving. You'll discover how to hone your gifts during your session or event with Dave so that you can finally heal and then share your gifts with others!


Dave is able to create a space with the highest vibration so that you are seen, heard, and held in the purest light possible. Numerous energy healing techniques and modalities are combined with aspects of unconditional love, sincere compassion, and a heartfelt connectedness to ensure that you receive exactly what is needed at the ideal time.

This might be one of the most powerful healing modalities available!

Lee Harris
“Dave is a master healer for empaths and sensitives. His gifts, knowledge, experience and humor make him a real change agent and a balm for the weary soul.”
– Lee Harris, Energy Intuitive, Channeler and Healer
“Dave doesn’t just put you on a table and heal you like some healers might, but he guides you to your inner knowing... (he) gives you tools so that you can... stay healthy.”
- Darlene, Energy Reader and Reiki Teacher, Portland, OR
“I tend to ‘hang on’ to other peoples’ energy as most other Empaths do. I was out with a relative in a challenging situation a few days ago. Feeling my anxiety begin to rise, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. As I did that, I heard Dave’s voice (I know this sounds weird). I didn’t hear any words specifically, just his calm, centered, gentle voice which immediately brought my anxiety to a halt.
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– Tracy D, Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada


Due to the nature of intuited guidance and energywork, your results will vary dependent on a variety of factors. Dave is not an MD and cannot/will not diagnose, cure, prescribe, prognosticate, or “treat” any person and their medical diagnosis — ever, rather he will focus on and guide you in transforming what he believes are the underlying causal energies that are often responsible for life’s challenges. Guidance and energywork are not intended to replace medical care in any way, shape, or form. Dave Markowitz and any associates thereof make no medical claims whatsoever and assume no liability of any kind for the (mis)interpretation or (mis)implementation of this text, written, spoken or implied. Simply use what resonates with you and discard the rest. Remember, it’s always best to appreciate and heed the advice given by your Doctor.

If you are feeling suicidal, please call the National Suicide Prevention Crisis Line: 1.800.273.TALK (8255). If you are facing a medical emergency, call your local Emergency Services: 911 (used mostly in the Americas) or 112 (used in Europe and parts of Asia).