Penguin Therapy? Hint: it Doesn’t Involve Penguins

January 28th, 2020
Penguin Therapy? Hint: it Doesn’t Involve Penguins


How long have you been trying to kill your ego? Two Years? Two Decades? Hasn’t worked yet, has it? Your ego is your opponent in life, not your enemy, and therefore your job is to defeat it, not kill it. But you can’t defeat the ego on the level of mind, you have to get past the mind and into the body, and into your emotions.

“What is the Ego and What is its Purpose?”

Your ego is the part of you that is designed to keep you challenged and therefore, growing. It’s the part of you that knows that daily meditation is a great idea and also makes sure that you don’t do it. It’ll show you a litany of enticing distractions everywhere you look. The ego is the part of you that doesn’t want to get out of bed early, or go to yoga, or eat carrots rather than an easy-to-open package of whatever processed snacks are in your cupboard.

We are meant to learn and grow, but we never seem to do enough (or so the ego will tell you), so we’re always searching…

The ego is the endless information seeker. The social media scroller. The wandering eye and the distracter of attaining anything we say we want. It's the part of you that after I tell you my tools for healing, asks, “What else have you got?” even before trying the ones I just gave you—even after I share with you that these tools work for anyone that relates to, and uses them.

Basically, your ego doesn’t want you to heal.


We have an inherent impulse to evolve, so we were designed with an inner motivational tool!

But it also gave us these wonderful minds that can reason, lead, and help us get things done. And in a linear, 3D-world, the mind certainly has its value. But when it comes to defeating the ego and healing our ailments, our own mind has no chance. It’s like arguing with a computer.

The language of the ego is linear—pure thought, no emotion—and it knows all of your weaknesses. It can’t be defeated using its own language. You can’t reason with something smarter than you. You can’t out-think it. You can’t try to trick it. You can only defeat it using the language of your emotions. It just can’t defeat love. Nothing can.

So, how do we defeat—or get past—the ego?

Getting in touch with our emotional bodies is a fantastic way of defeating the ego with a language it can’t understand. But how many of you can begin to have a deep cry or its converse, get in touch with profound unconditional love on your own, with no prompting from an outside source?

I have found a way that works every time. It’s fun, effective, silly, potentially embarrassing, and also highly emotive! It’s not an organized movement per se like yoga, or running. It’s an unfiltered movement. Unfettered. Unaltered. Unadorned and unconstrained. Kind of like a penguin. On coffee. Lots of coffee.  


I have no idea how this began, but many years ago after having bottled up some intense emotions, it just began all by itself, and has worked every time since. I’ve done it in Venice, Italy. In Palm Beach, Florida. New York City. Probably everywhere I’ve been in the last few years. My frustrations with travel and alike needed a safe place to vent, and by imitating a penguin, well, one on Amphetamine, it gets me past my mind and into my heart. It loosens things up like shaking an old-school snow globe, and then resets my inner contents in a more aligned way.

For obvious reasons, I didn’t advertise this. I didn’t podcast about it, or post it or make any videos. Well, actually, I have a few videos. I had an image in my head like Fellini, and armed with my trusty cell phone camera and a loving wife, I’ve captured a few for you to see.

But first, I’ll give you the basic instructions.

1. Relax your body. All of your body. Especially the shoulders and facial muscles. Let your jaw hang down like the drooling guy on the bus. Assume the energy and the posture of, “I give up.”

2. With your arms down by your side, begin to “flap your wings” — quick wrist movements of flexion and extension.  

3. Let the rest of the body relax and bounce the knees and ankles a bit. Like you’re running in place without taking either foot off the ground. Allow the arms to move a bit in sync with the wrists. Let the upper body movements counterbalance the wrist movements.

4. Begin to move your torso left and right. Like a pendulum moving to and fro in only 2 dimensions, but much faster. Think like a penguin. Waddle like a penguin.

5. Run! Quickly and in short bursts. Seriously.

By letting loose and not giving a feck how others were seeing me, I’ve been able to bypass the mind and get into the heart. Usually this triggers tears. I know many of us were raised to hide our tears, but in my 2+ decades of medical intuition, I’ve seen the damage that repressing emotions can do. Grieving is how our bodies heal loss. To consciously stop that process is like telling the immune system to not do its job. I’ve seen years of emotional and even physical pain release by holding a space of unconditional love for clients to emote in my sessions, but I can’t do it for myself. In fact, that’s more common than you might know. Most “healers” can’t heal themselves. That’s partly why we have each other!

We can’t heal what we can’t see or feel. And most of us have buried our emotions, sometimes for our entire lives. But by doing some Penguin Therapy, we can better access the deeper emotions on our own. We can bring to the surface what we’ve buried. We can begin a process that can show you, experientially, the repressed emotions you’re carrying. 

It’s time to befriend and heal our very real, raw, and most human qualities that have blocked us. It’s time to get past the mind and into the heart!

And from the heart, all things are possible.


As promised, the link to the video of me doing this in Palm Beach, Florida, USA is:



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