Evolved Empath Summit - a F.R.E.E Online Event!

February 25th, 2020
Evolved  Empath  Summit -  a  F.R.E.E  Online  Event!


Are you an empathic person, very sensitive to — or even profoundly affected by — the people, energy, and circumstances around you?

Do you tend to feel the emotions of others as if they were your own… and often experience overwhelm at the weight of it all?

Maybe you constantly cater to others’ needs because you think it’s selfish to put yourself first… so you feel depleted — without the space to show yourself the same care you offer your family, friends, and community.  

If any of this resonates with you, you’re likely an empath.

Many empaths isolate themselves because they’ve been criticized so often for being too sensitive… 

… or they retreat and contract inward just to avoid absorbing the unrelenting input of the “noise” outside themselves…

Sound familiar?

Well, it’s time to embrace your empathic nature as one of your greatest strengths and a truly powerful gift — rather than a burden — a brilliant light within yourself whose time has come to shine!

That’s why I’m thrilled to invite you to the Evolved Empath Summit from March 9-13 — an inspiring gathering of leading empathy experts, authors, and teachers who’ll guide you to discover the brilliance and purpose within your empathic gifts, so you can begin to share them with the world and become a beacon…

… a powerful force paving the way to peace, equality, and more effective and loving ways to navigate our world. 

A Free Online Event ~ Evolved Empath Summit ~ March 9-13, 2020

I’m honored to be among more than 25 of today’s leading empathy experts, authors, and inspiring teachers — including Anita Moorjani, Wendy De Rosa, Michael R. Smith, PhD, Judith Orloff, MD, Dr. Shariff Abdullah, Dr. Christine Page, Jean Haner, Julie Bjelland, and many more — helping you step further into unstoppable empowerment and own (and use) your empathic gifts.  

I hope you’ll participate in this one-of-a-kind online gathering presented by The Shift Network.  

RSVP here for the Evolved Empath Summit — at no charge using my personal link: https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/ees20a19495/a19495  

During this empowering 5-day event, you’ll:   

~Discover how to strengthen and expand your empathic energy out into the world, instead of turning inward and contracting from other people’s energies

~Unlock your purpose and unique contribution as an empath so you can do work that enhances your life (and the lives of others), rather than staying in a career that sucks the life out of you

~Learn that putting yourself first rather than always taking care of others is not selfish, so you can let go of the martyr mentality

~Start releasing rescuing and self-sacrificing patterns… allowing others to be with their own challenges

~Begin to connect with a community of empaths so you know you’re not alone

~Receive self-care tips to prevent sensory overload and help you deal with overwhelm, which can lead to addictions, overeating, anxiety, and exhaustion

~Explore how to heal the sense of separation and increase your empathy by leading from a “We Are One” consciousness

~Start to consider walking away from codependent relationships, so you can live the healthy independent life of your choice

~Discover the importance of creating healthy emotional boundaries and working toward your wholeness by listening to and following your intuition

~Know that what you’re doing makes a difference

~Heal shame, guilt, greed, desire, and fear around money, wealth, and worthiness

~Discover how to instantly change your energy and take charge of your life!

~Understand at a profound level that you’re always protected when you’re connected to Divine Source energy

~And much more…

Whether you’re newly aware of being an empath, or you’re already on the path toward wholeness and leadership… you’ll discover the tools and strategies you need to use your loving heart, strong mind, and passionate spirit to really make a difference on this planet.  

Join me and the amazing gathering of other presenters as we illuminate the path for you to rise to your full potential and fulfill your highest mission and purpose.   

RSVP here for the Evolved Empath Summit — at no charge using my personal link: https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/ees20a19495/a19495  

Yours truly, Dave

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