Personal Power: An Ego Sandwich Wrapped in a Spiritual Taco

May 6th, 2015
Personal Power: An Ego Sandwich Wrapped in a Spiritual Taco

"Personal power" is an oxymoron; it’s an ego sandwich wrapped in a spiritual taco. It is the conditioned mind’s idea of what strength is. 


The "Go-Go-Go!" and the "Success-At-Any-Cost" Type A mantras of our present day world are typically not soul derived, and therefore filled with attachment and ultimately can only lead to frustration. They're an indulgence in perfectionism, even when cloaked in spiritual goodness. 

In doing healing work, for example, personal power says, “I am the one doing the healing.”

Having been fully immersed in that and having no clients, I can share with you there is a major difference between personal power and spiritual power. I used to overcharge because I thought it was I doing the work and needed to be compensated for that. I didn’t willingly share even though I had lots to offer. After several years of painful and humbling lessons, I realized true personal power is listening to and following the soul’s desires. And on a soul level, all worth is inherently equal as there is no better or worse in the eyes of the Creator. On a soul level, saving lives as a medical doctor isn’t any different from asking, “Would you like fries with that?’ If either are what you're here to experience, then experience them fully. 

My growth has been in getting over my mind’s ideas that — relative to others who have been trying their best to help these same people unsuccessfully — what I do is so awesome that I should be paid multiple hundreds if not thousands per session. But that idea would leave me with few people who can afford my services. I am reminded at least weekly how grateful others are for the sliding scale, for without such they say they’d never be able to afford working with me, and therefore would still be dealing with what they’ve already spent thousands of dollars and many years trying to heal. Contrary to the dream scenario that so many business coaches posit, I believe I am more in alignment with my soul — and by nature more useful and happier — by helping more people for less money per session (if need be) than by working with less people for more money per session.

Personal power is fear based. Spiritual power is love based.

Spiritual power is an expression of a connectedness that is in alignment with the soul’s greater awareness. Soul-inspired work — even if perceived difficult by the mind — invokes a type of strength that is also flexible to learning, experiencing, and realizing divine will.

Slow down and feel what your soul is trying to tell you. Are you really here to save the world? Are you really here to save anyone?

These ideas more often enable your clients and friends, co-creating codependency. You are not here to save anyone. You are here to be the best you that you can possibly be in each moment. And how do you know what that is? Listen more than speak. Feel more than think. 

Your soul has a blueprint. It's a recipe for fullness as opposed to so much spiritual rhetoric that insists we're only here for the good stuff. 

In almost two decades fully immersed in spiritual growth and healing work, I've yet to see anyone thrive who is also in denial of their shadow self. Own it. Recognize its allure. Its addictions. And then tune into your soul to determine your best course of action — or inaction — that is required in each moment. 

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