Managing Energy in Turbulent Times

October 28th, 2018
Managing Energy in Turbulent Times


I think we’re all feeling it. There’s a heightened intensity in the air. And it’s been worse the last few years and quickly worsening.

I’ve seen lots of memes and social media threads blaming it on the stars, the media, public figures, retrogrades—you name it. And while all—or some—or none of those may play a part to varied degrees, we still have the power manage our own energy with a little bit of work.

We have the inherent ability to center ourselves no matter what is happening outside of ourselves. Read anything by holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl if you don’t believe me. We have to understand and then act upon what is really true—rather than what we think is true—to have any success... 

which does not include playing the blame game!

Unfortunately, the mind tries to understand who or what to blame, believing if that information were known, we could do something about feeling so anxious. The fear of the unknown can lead to sickness and diagnoses. If we try to understand and heal when in the place of anxiety, we’re coming from the level of mind—which in this case is riddled with fear and anxiousness! And any time we’re not centered, our thoughts, feelings and even our intuition are clouded through those filters that distort more than clarify!

Your mind will even try to talk you into feeling better. Or other people will try to talk you into feeling better. Or we’ll read a book about feeling better. But all of those are still involving the mind as the primary tool.

You can’t talk yourself out of anxiousness and expect lasting effects. You can’t reason with emotion.

It’s well known that when the emotional centers of the brain are engaged, the rational brain’s ability to operate is severely reduced. That’s why it’s useless to argue with people about politics, religion or even the better sports franchise or anything else that the ego attaches itself to. Identity can’t be reasoned with. When any person is highly identified with their nationality—or any label—there is little chance of a heart-opening conversation.

Trying to talk someone out of anxiety is like speaking to an infant and expecting her to understand your words. She won’t. Infants only operate from the emotional body.

So knowing this, we have to address our anxiousness from the emotional body to have any success at managing it. And what is the healing language of the emotional body?

Obviously, love.

So we need to love our anxiousness!


What we resist, persists. What we fight, gets more energy. What we love and embrace, dissipates.

Is it easy? Heck no! Can we do it on our own? Well, maybe. Or sometimes. But for most, that’s a scary prospect (it’s far easier to blame!).

Being held in safe space allows us to feel, love and heal what ails us. Being witnessed by unconditional love, with no attachment to an outcome, transforms whatever exists into a higher vibration. And if what you're feeling isn't even yours, meaning the energy has been empathically absorbed, we have to give it back to who it belongs to via the Body Scan and Return to Sender exercises described in my book, Empathipedia

Of course if you need your medication, use that, and perhaps add this in as well: Reach out to a trusted friend or practitioner to be there for you. Let go of any fear of how they’ll react to being asked. What if someone asked you? It’s an honor to be considered, right?

The days of solo healing, or isolation need to end. It just doesn’t work. Not personally, in a family, a city or even nation. We all need each other as mirrors and friends. Group dynamics make healing possible, and when we connect with other humans, we learn who they really are at their core, and the fear associated with the unknown dissipates. Where there is no (or less) fear, anxiousness has no chance. ​​​​​​    



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