15 Life Lessons from a Medical Intuitive, Part Two

February 29th, 2016
15 Life Lessons from a Medical Intuitive, Part Two


This blog is a continuation of 15 Life Lessons From a Medical Intuitive, Part One, which reminds us of those moments when just one sentence brings your friend, client, or an audience from their heads into their hearts. Or when you unexpectedly say something so profound you can’t help placing your pinky to your mouth and lowering your head a bit like Dr. Evil!




I’ve found that when I’m in my heart, the right words flow effortlessly. And I love when I verbalize something that I hadn’t planned on saying!

Here are some of my favorite “room silencers” from my lectures, private sessions and meditations, or as we used to say in 1991, “The things that make you go 'hmmmm.'”  Feel free to add your own in the comments section or comment on how these affect you! Or just tell me which are your favorites! 

  1. Perhaps the single most effective tool that everyone knows about (and is always available to us) is also the single most difficult to do, but not for the reasons we tell ourselves. You don’t have to be a master at mind control to meditate. You don’t need to be on a mountaintop in Tibet. You don’t need to focus on a candle or reach inner Nirvana; you just have to do your best.
  2. Escaping duality, living in perfect health and never having any emotional or physical pain is a pipe dream that sells a lot of books and workshops. But in my twenty years in the healing arts and metaphysical sciences, I've never met anyone who was seeking this “Nirvana” who was also healthy. We have to better understand our pain and make friends with our "Shadow Selves" to be whole. Wholeness is the better goal; not constant bliss.  
  3. Manifestation goals, dream boards, and making uninspired plans are okay, but they can also take you away from what is happening now.
  4. Everyone's relationship with what most call “God” is different—as unique as fingerprints. And no one’s is better than another’s. Don't let any person(s) or book tell you what you should or shouldn't believe. And remember, as soon as you think you've got all the answers, find more questions.
  5. The original sin is separation from Source. This separation creates an inner void that we spend our entire lives trying to fill, but it never works. We seek healing, escape, or both through relationships, achievements, alcohol, drugs, or even book or workshop addictions, but the void remains. Better to focus on filling the void—get to the Source.
  6. It’s a bit ironic that sometimes during meditation I keep singing Depeche Mode’s, “Enjoy the Silence” but I sing it the best that I can. 
  7. I've found that I can narrow down health challenges into two categories: what's yours, and what's not yours. The latter is the bane of Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) dealing with lethargy, lack of focus, heavy heartedness, tight muscles, or various other forms of blockages, pain and illness. Using the tools for one to heal the other is like using a hammer and nail when all you need is a pushpin. To get the desired results, you have to use the right tools. 
  8. Enlightenment doesn't mean all your pain goes away, it only means you can see the bigger picture clearer and faster than you could before, and therefore can deal with it better.
  9. You can’t apply the laws of metaphysics to physical situations. Spiritual growth is not like getting a degree at a school. You will never be done and there will always be ups and downs, so you might as well trust the process enough to ride the roller-coaster of life, and dare yourself to remove the seat-belt.
  10. Knowing that all things have energy, I will never knowingly consume the cooked flesh of a chemically altered, and/or poorly fed, a/o horribly treated, a/o inhumanely or even "humanely" killed animal. To ingest animals or their byproducts is to ingest the energy of pain and death. Treating others how I’d like to be treated applies to all conscious creatures large and small.  
  11. Metaphysically speaking, you are not responsible for the soul path of anyone but yourself. 
  12. No matter how much you love your job, it's is still just your job. It's not who you are. I think we should spend more time with friends and family and doing the things that open our hearts. If your job allows you to open your heart, you’re one of the fortunate few—so start acting like that’s true.
  13. There are an estimated 70 to 90 trillion cells in the human body and each one has a memory. Embracing all the memories because they've made you who they are will be a lot more time- and cost-effective in your healing process than trying to clear them all out.  
  14. Don't put anyone on a pedestal and remember that everyone is your teacher.
  15. Even if you're being paid to be a healer, it's not your job to heal anyone. Rather, it's your job to hold the space for healing to happen. This way allows a more pure (less egoic) energy to come through you. And, when all your worth isn't tied up in your client or friend's success, you can finally attain professional freedom.


Thank you for reading. If you haven't yet seen Part One of this extended blog, click here: 15 Life Lessons From a Medical Intuitive, Part One.

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