15 Life Lessons from a Medical Intuitive, Part One

February 28th, 2016
15 Life Lessons from a Medical Intuitive, Part One


You know those moments when just one sentence brings your friend, client, or an audience from their heads into their hearts? Or when you unexpectedly say something so profound you can’t help placing your pinky to your mouth and lowering your head a bit like Dr. Evil? Of course you do.


[br]I’ve found that when I’m in my heart, the right words flow effortlessly. And I love when I verbalize something that I hadn’t planned on saying!

Here are some of my favorite “room silencers” from my lectures, private sessions and meditations, or as we used to say in 1991, “The things that make you go 'hmmmm.'” Feel free to add your own in the comments section or comment on how these affect you! Or just tell me which are your favorites!

  1. Sometimes, “strength” is admitting that you don’t have any left.
  2. At a private lecture for about 30 people, I once asked, “How many of you are healers?” Over half raised their hands. I then said, “Of those who raised their hands, how many of you have conscious recollection of one or both of your parents being ill and you wanting to heal, help, or protect them?” And every one of those hands stayed up. I then asked (having no plans to do so), “Do you know that you've spent all this time unconsciously trying to heal your parents by healing other people?” Silence. 
  3. You can’t be a perfectionist when trying to get rid of perfectionism. Better to surrender. And even better to surrender figuring out how to surrender. If you can do that perfectly, you’ll know what I mean.
  4. The masculine is often perceived as more needy than the feminine because the masculine has further to go on the emotional and evolutionary scale than the feminine. Dear Masculine, do you need proof? Thank you for proving my point.
  5. You can never get everything you want. And that’s a good thing because what you want is actually what you think you want—which is an end result of all the ideas of those who came before you. Attaining these things won’t make YOU any happier. In reality, we all pretty much want the exact same things—we just have different paths to attaining them.
  6. What is often called, "Depression" is not from having too much sadness, it's more often from not feeling your sadness fully.
  7. Share your gifts relentlessly.
  8. Think of guilt, regret and grief as stepping-stones toward a better now as opposed to feeling more guilt, regret and grief about the past.
  9. Many people seek spiritual connections with higher realms because it’s a lot more peaceful “up there” than it is here in the 3D world. While the spiritual path can be a wonderful vehicle for personal growth and healing, sadly that path can also be a weapon of mass distraction from dealing with what already exists within you. But escaping never works. Escaping takes us out of our bodies until major pains or illness bring us back. And Empaths & Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs) have the added challenge in that we’re easily overwhelmed by incoming and absorbed energy from others in addition to our own issues. But ultimately, escaping is a distraction from what is, and no one can deeply heal without accepting and working with what is first.
  10. Your patterns from your past are like training wheels: they’re good to start with but horrible to continue using once you no longer need them.
  11. When you first begin to intuit what may appear to be higher knowledge, it is always filtered through your own personal filter. By acknowledging, owning and loving all aspects of self, including your own shadow self's filter, and by releasing attachments to ANY end result, you can become a clearer vessel for higher information and more powerful energy transmissions.
  12. If you've been led to believe you're here for some grandiose purpose, that's probably ego. What if we're here to be the best version of ourself that’s possible in each moment? When you recognize that said best is different day-to-day, hour-to-hour, you’ve got a key step in to attaining inner peace.
  13. I'm not the only one doing what I do. I'm not even the best at it, but I am the best at doing what I do in the only way I know how.
  14. The odds of being discovered and taken under someone's wing (Karate Kid style) so that you no longer have to work to achieve your dreams are about the same as your odds of winning lotto or being hit by lightning. No person, persons, or things can be your savior. And no one can actually heal you. They can of course, create a safe container for you to heal yourself.
  15. On judgment, comparisons, and acceptance: No matter what you do, you will never out-Om your yoga teacher. 

And your bonus life lesson:

16. It is impossible to close your eyes. You can; however, lower and raise your eyelids.

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