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Dave Markowitz at New Ren 1E

Wherever two or more are gathered…

Group dynamics intensifies the energy.

When safe space is co-created,

all attendees can have a powerful experience.”

~ Dave Markowitz

Livestreamed Healing Circles for Empaths and Sensitives

Healing Circles for Empaths and Sensitives

If you’re confused or feeling lost or helpless, it’s normal to fall into fear and panic. The fear of an unknown future can bring up deep-rooted issues of safety for everyone.

When dealing with things like COVID-19, it’s normal to want to isolate and crawl into a corner, or sleep late, or self-medicate or get lost in social and mass media looking for answers.

Sadly, not all of those answers are helpful.

Even intuitives can only take in information and then disseminate through their personal filter—fear begets more fear.

And the media seems to vary between presenting the scientific facts and recommended protocols…

to scaring the crap out of anyone and everyone watching.

In times like these, we need each other more than ever. I find this sadly ironic as many of us have been forced or have chosen to self-isolate!

Certainly we can make the best possible use of our time when alone, but as we all know, group consciousness makes everything easier.

Presenting, the Live Streamed Healing Circles for Empaths and Sensitives!

Depending on the collective need, Dave will:

  • Share tips on preventing energetic overload, a/o
  • Channel the relevant theme of the moment, a/o
  • Discuss healing techniques, a/o
  • Take you through an active healing practice, a/o other
  • and then lead a silent mediation channeling Source energy for personalized information, healing, and connection!

If you’re wondering, “What can I do” or “How can I serve?” or “How can I be?” given current events and your individual and collective health, you just may get some insights and healing at this event!

“A heart felt thank you for the meditation today. I definitely feel the collective grief, loss and fear/anxiety. I'm much more conscious of what I pick up. I often find it difficult to hear my own inner voice or I should say, it is there and I often defer to my left brain. Today was different as I waited, leaving behind my left-brain thoughts. I was directed to focus on my digestive system and in the quiet I
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– Love, Paula

Thursday, April 2, 2020
12noon PDT to 1:15pm PDT / 3pm EDT to 4:15pm EDT
accessible by phone or online worldwide.

Just fill in the info below, prepay however much you can, and you’ll be sent the call-in info.

And if you can't pay anything, email here and we'll work something out.

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Due to the nature of intuited guidance and energywork, your results will vary dependent on a variety of factors. Guidance and energywork are not intended to replace medical care in any way, shape, or form. Dave is not an MD and cannot/will not prescribe, diagnose, or “treat” any medical diagnosis nor guarantee results — ever, rather he will focus on and guide you in transforming the underlying causal energies that are often responsible for life’s challenges. I am aware I am responsible for my own healing and safety, and will not hold Dave Markowitz or his associates liable for anything that arises during the workshop or after that may be a result of the workshop.


Prior Events and Testimonials

JoAnn Kohl
“The healing continued even after yesterday's healing circle.  I woke up in the middle of the night to an inner eye vision. I saw you at my right side, at 2 or 3 o'clock, composed of crystal clear conscious light particles.  Then a ball of white light descended upon me, followed by a column/waterfall of light and energy that rippled through me.  A few minutes later, I felt a great sense of
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– JoAnn Kohl, business attorney, Portland, Oregon
Shelli L Speaks
“The Tele-Healing Circle was amazing!  I had never met or heard of you before, but I always know that I'm where I'm supposed to be.  At first it was hard to relax, and I didn't have any music ready to put on, so I just laid back on my bed and was open to receive.  The energy came through strong and tangible.  I literally felt like my head was being morphed into a new shape.  There was
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Shelli L Speaks, inspirational healer, Riverside, CA
“Thanks so much…and boy did, I need it.  Clearly when Source told you about the money situation, it was meant for me…So as of today, it's all about me being deserving of it, and using it as a tool and not something bad. I literally felt something lift off my body, around my gut before we got started....and thank you for the acknowledgement about asking, something pretty big for me. I
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– Donna D., NYC
“Hi Dave, I really enjoyed being part of the first virtual healing circle last night. It was fun to have people on the call from all over the world, and I think it helped to create a very expansive energy. That was a good exercise too– -very illuminating! Thanks for making this happen!”
– Susan Lander, Medium, NYC

Dear Dave,
Thank you for the circle! It was very blissful to splash around in all that positive energy. AND, a beautiful "coincidence” occurred soon after our call.

My intention had been to open myself to more love–a loving partnership, and any expansion into love on my path in Clown. After we hung up, I was blissfully folding my laundry when it came to me to "not NOT consider playing the role of clown in plays." An idea I had never had. (I am not an actor, etc.) "Plays like King Lear?" I said back to myself, and had a fleeting image of myself on stage in the role of King Lear’s Fool. A little while later, I wandered to my bookshelf, pulled down my Shakespeare (which I hadn’t done in a LONG time) and started reading King Lear. I read for about fifteen minutes, then wandered to my desk and checked my e-mail. There was a message from a person I met ten days ago saying he was putting together a play reading group, and the first play would be KING LEAR.

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– Sarah F., writer and clown, NYC
Janet Cristenfeld
“After experiencing several of your healing circles in person, I was pleased to find that it was equally as powerful over the phone. During the tele-healing circle, it came to me that a sadness I was feeling was actually bottled up love, and since then, the sadness has dissipated. So thank you, Dave, for the opportunity and help in opening that up”
Janet Cristenfeld, NYC, Artist and Intuitive Energy Healer

The Fast Track Healing Program (3-Month Program)

“Fast Track with Dave Markowitz took my healing to the next level. From about two weeks into the program I began noticing subtle shifts in my life and work—more money coming in, feeling less fear, ability to stand in my power, etc. By the end of the program, I had an offer from my dream client, my healing circle was wildly successful and powerful, I completed my novel, I had more money in the bank (and
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HKS, 33
Dorothy Hanes
“Fast Track Healing is rather miraculous.  There is no guessing when the healing is ‘happening’ as the energy is strong and powerful. Although it may change some from session to session, it is amazing in its intensity.  I had sessions where my body was clearly being healed and things were shifting.  I was approached about an additional job from a surprising source
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– Dorothy Hanes, energy healer and hospice social worker, OR
Lynda Henn
“Fast Track has far exceeded my expectations; I feel more comfortable in my body and my sense of appreciation for life has returned after a long absence. My usual fears have receded and my hope and simple enjoyment of just 'being' have returned. I keep smiling for no reason.  I strongly recommend Dave's work.  His generosity of spirit and keeping this wonderful healing affordable is second to none. A
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– Lynda Henn, energy worker, Baltimore, MD
Kim Higgins
“Dave's Fast Track Healing Program is beautifully orchestrated, wonderful and of quite high vibration. It has supported me in my heart opening and growth and I can truly say that I have a new view on humanity and all life. I am more in awe, more in love, and frequently amazed when I look at humans, and all creatures and the way they love each other. I am being enchanted and it is spectacular as a new spectator
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Kim Higgins, Energy Medicine Practitioner
“Among other things I really felt great Love towards my brother during the Fast Track sessions with Dave, re-experiencing many memories from my childhood. I feel that lately my brother (unknowingly) responded to this Energy of Love. Our communication became much warmer and more open. We are more tuned to each other. Thank you so much for this Experience and much more...”
– Anonymous, OR
“I have times where I feel desperate, frustrated and lonely but since I started the FTHP I suddenly have bursts of happiness and hope. A calmness that I can not explain where it comes from. A sense of security within that makes me feel stronger even though I still fear for the unknown. My husband is asking me if I can share this experience with him, he also wants a piece of my smile. I really wanted to say
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– Paula Henao, London-UK
“During the very first session, I had an insight that hadn't occurred to me during years of therapy. Just for that it's been well worth the money.  My father died when I was 7 years old after a long illness (tuberculosis). This was in the 1950s. And I was discouraged from talking about it by my family due to that cause of death.  This caused me to carry a great burden for
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– Anonymous, legal secretary, NYC
“I loved each session and it was such a good meditation experience.  I felt tingling all the time and often got chills; I know I was taking in energy and at times I had a good cry. I and others have noticed a change in me and a shift in energy.  My biggest lessons in this experience were to silence the critic in me and to love myself more, which are huge.  I will also share with you that meeting
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– Kathleen, Salem, OR
“The fast track program has certainly been that. During mediations I have experience intense energy moving through my body.  And on various occasions I have ‘seen’ light patterns and visions. But in my daily life, the healing and moving energy has continued. Things have shifted in many aspects of my life. It's been an amazing experience.”
– Anonymous, studio director, Lyndhurst, OH
“...being enfolded in golden light / love that was SO intense and blissful! (and) the return of my...visualization ability that's been mostly missing the last few years.”
– Sarah, MA

Relationship Satsang - Awakening the Intimate Heart (2-Month Program)

“Being a part of the Living Guidance group has been transformational for me.  I've been amazed at how safe and supported I feel by this group.  From the very first meeting, you could sense a vitally strong, loving spiritual energy and power that lifted all of us.  The level of trust and support has allowed me to reach places of vulnerability and awakening that are spurring a spiritual growth in
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– S.B., Business Systems Analyst, Portland, OR.
“The 3-month program has been an incredibly powerful force in my life and my path. I have learned from the experiences and the journeys of others in the group what is also true of my own journey. I have felt the strength of the combined energy transform and open the process for each person in the group.  Over the time the group has met, I have felt each of us open and strengthen in a tangible way.
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– Dorothy Hanes, Hospice Social Worker, Portland, OR.
“I have begun to open up on a whole new level, and really started to listen to my what my internal guidance is telling me.  Our internal guidance is very strong and is always communicating with us. The challenge for me was to get "out of my mind" and into my heart.  I feel that I have been given more tools in order for me to listen more actively to what my body is telling me, and I am very
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– JR, High School Guidance Counselor, Portland, OR.

How to Communicate with Source

“I witnessed some amazing synchronicities and healing energy moving about the room. When the floor opened to participants to “go deep,” the fact that the first person to stand up and talk about her holocaust-surviving mother supported another woman who was (now) able to explain this M.O. from her experience could not have been coincidental. They learned from each other and we ALL learned from
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– K.R., Brooklyn
“Hi Dave, this is Joanna from San Diego. I want to give you the conclusion of the 'sore arm' that we worked with. I continued to have some residual pain for the next couple of days. It was about 50% better. I gave some more attention to wondering why it only hurt when I was using the hand to exert some force, like a door knob, sink faucet, picking things up. I contemplated the aspect of force and/or
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– Joanna Ransier, RN, Wellness Coach/Consultant/Advocate, California
“Dave, I wanted to take a minute and personally thank G. and thank you for bringing me back to life. I was completely run out of energy by the time you picked me out from the crowd. It was definitely G's will to use your knowledge and power in order to help me. Words cannot express how grateful I am for an immediate change your magic touch did and unlimited amount of energy you gave me. I'm still running
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– Forever grateful, Libby Baron
“Dave presents a unique perspective on healing that is energizing and empowering–positively life transforming. He creates a safe and supportive environment with lots of experiential exercises, group discussion, and playful humor. We ended with a group-healing ceremony that was very powerful. He offered each of us a chance to bask in warm and loving energy from the group.”
– Anonymous, Intensive attendee from June 2006

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