More Session Testimonials

When we began working together, my energy field felt like I was regularly plugged into a light socket with occasional water dripping into it, and I felt like I was breaking down and did not understand what on earth was happening.  You were one of the people I went to for healing and guidance at that time.  I was also opening up quite a bit spiritually and intuitively as well. Emotionally, I was about as depressed and frightened and baggage-laden as can be.  

A little over a year later, and I've moved twice, quit my job, got accepted and started graduate school, overcame some intense social anxiety (that I had had for about 9 years +) and now have some really great friends, fell in love, travelled, and just recently, acted in my first play (a year ago I had social anxiety and a public speaking phobia).  I also feel 'emotionally clean'– – mentally, I feel kind of young, like a child (I'm almost 30).  So, those are a lot of great things.  I can't say I can attribute that all to you (I worked with some other healers as well), but I definitely know that my work with you had a powerful effect on me, and I appreciated so much the wisdom you gave that led me through one of the most mentally trying times of my life. I also know that I could physically feel some healing taking place, since during our sessions it felt as if my tissues were releasing a very deep tension and deep emotional pain, and I would cry in a way that felt as if I were being washed clean. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you Dave.

PS– Surprisingly for me, all of these wonderful things have happened as my focus has turned from the intensely spiritual, to just being a normal, joyful, fallible human being. My emotional and energetic sensitivity is also on a low now too, which I find fabulous.

– Anonymous student, NYC
“After my second session with Dave, I could really feel a difference during my source point healing session.  I could feel my energy and flexibility improving. I would highly recommend Dave if you are seeking alternative care.  I have tried many different modalities of healing, and I can honestly say that he is one of the BEST!”
– Kara D., Teacher's Aide, Chula Vista, CA
"I've had Sciatica with varying amounts of pain ranging from moderate to excruciating. For forty years I've had this and some days I was unable to walk. In one session with Dave…I experienced about an 80% reduction in pain and by the next day, and ever since then, I have been completely pain-free."
– Nina Ptashynsky, Tarot Practitioner – NYC
Dave Markowitz is a terrific healer.  Trust me, he knows his stuff.  I had been living with severe pain in my knee and hip for a couple of years. I tried guided imagery and hypnosis with a medical doctor, acupuncture (which usually is effective for my arthritis, but not in this case), and pain medication – to no avail.  I knew the pain was a mind-body problem relating to unresolved family issues, but it's difficult to resolve conflicts when the people involved have passed on.  Nevertheless, that's what we accomplished in only five sessions.  With deep breathing exercises and Dave's hands-on manipulation, Dave talked me through the process of letting go, forever, of old hurts that serve no purpose. To my relief, literally and figuratively, the old pain has not re-surfaced in the subsequent six years. I've also attended Dave's Healing Circles a few times every year to remind me to stay focused in the present and to surround myself with the positive energy of the Healing Circle itself. Thank you Dave!
– Angie, Secretary, New York City
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart Chakra. I feel as though I have had a Qi transfusion since our session last week. I really feel great…”
– Julie Karp, PhD Psychologist, NYC
"After seeing 16 different Chiropractors, 2 Physical Therapists and a Medical Doctor over the last 9 years, I sought Dave for his expertise regarding my neck pain. The original injury was from an auto accident in March 1992, or so I thought. After consulting with Dave, it was discovered that the original cause of the pain was not from that injury at all, and was therefore not being addressed by Chiropractic or Medical care. In June 2001, after what seemed like just a few minutes (actually about 25 minutes) Dave analyzed the problem and I have been pain-free and headache-free ever since."
– Mueller, Executive Director, Malverne, NY
"Dave is well versed in his healing arts. I've witnessed and benefited from his approach."
– Dr. Susanne Jones, DC – Queens, NY
"That mini-session was so very helpful. I did experience a marked improvement in the pain in my feet within minutes. I was so impressed within your insight and help. Thanks again."
– Sandy P., Laconia, New Hampshire

Hi Dave, I saw you on Friday at 5:00 a couple of weeks ago. My leg was still hurting a lot all throughout Saturday. Sunday morning I awoke from a dream that really blew my mind. Just to recap, you had said that you sensed a strong male presence coming at me, and an arrow through my right shoulder and coming out my back.

In my dream I was "at war" with a lot of people who were trying to kill or hurt, me. Suddenly there was someone there (maybe you) who came up to me and told me that I now had the "power," and could not be hurt. From this point on I seemed to be warding off all attackers pretty well. Suddenly there was someone who came up to me and, as well as I can remember, gave me a hug or a pat on the back, only to back away and exclaim "I got you!" It seems that they had left a clump of poison darts or little needles in my neck. I just stood there picking these needles out of my neck while thinking "Well, we'll soon see if you got me or not. I was told I have the power". After a few minutes it was apparent that I was not incapacitated by these needles, so I figured that "the power" worked.

Anyway, my leg still hurt all day Sunday. But Monday morning when I got up it hardly hurt at all. It is now one week later and there may be still a slight hint of what was there, but I would say it is 95% gone. Thank you.

P.S. I have been reading your book and meditating daily.

– Anonymous; Photographer, Virginia, USA
"I saw Dave Markowitz after suffering from 22 years of back pain and sciatica, three herniated discs, and degenerative disc disease. As is the case for many people, I had previously seen many Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Psychologists, Body-Mind Therapists, Healers/Faith-Healers, Doctors, Nerosurgeons, etc. - all without permanent relief. During my first and only session with him I felt almost complete relief of pain across my lower back and down my legs. (No Energy Medicine was applied –editor.) Some of this pain returned by the next morning; but the session had served its most important function: IT INFORMED ME THAT MY PAIN WAS NOT DUE TO KARMA, DESTINY, OR ANY OF GOD'S WISHES. IT WAS BEING CAUSED BY ME...My session was the catalyst in allowing this belief to finally reach deep into my sub-conscious mind. This was about 6 weeks ago. Since then I have made great progress in discovering and releasing pain which ultimately had been self-caused by great yet subtle tension in my body, mind and psyche...ALL and ANY disease can be cured and completely reversed through insight, intent, and primarily LOVE (SELF-LOVE included), acting at the sub-molecular level."
– Doug Grant, Businessman, NYC
"At the moment I put into place Dave's recommendations for releasing my muscle pain I felt a sense of empowerment, and tremendous mental peace and freedom. I was made more aware of the connection between the physical symptoms that I was experiencing for one year, and what was emotionally blocking me from accomplishing goals in my life. Just terrific! I am now in the midst of creating a new future more aware of how my thoughts affect my body."
– Rebecca Scott - Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Reflexology Practitioner, NYC
"By using Dave's method and keeping that state of mind over the next two days, I felt 100% relief from a shoulder pain."
– Michael O'Toole - Actor, Model, Personal Trainer, NYC
"I originally attended an April 2003 workshop at AlokHealth and was impressed with Dave's mind-body connection theory. Over the last six months, Dave has helped me physically and spiritually to understand how to let go of negative emotions that hold onto pain and tension in the body. The pain reduction has been immeasurable. It's been an enlightening experience and I'll be forever grateful. Thank you, Dave."
– Angie C. - Assistant to the President & Communications Manager, NYC advertising agency
"From the first moment I met Dave, I found a caring individual, offering to assist with unconditional support for healing in all respects. This, as much as anything I have been able to determine, is an indicator of a true and balanced healer. I recommend Dave to all in need of a healing experience."
– Dr. Stephen Andracki, M.D. Las Vegas, Nevada
“Hi Dave, I forgot to mention something yesterday. I can't remember the last time that I was able to sleep on my right side without feeling hip pain. Since our first meeting, I have been able to very comfortably. It is so profound that I don’t know how it slipped my mind. Thank You.”
– W.E. Supervisor, Verizon Wireless, Riverhead, NY