Healing Absorbed Energy - Livestream

Healing Absorbed Energy

Do you feel like a walking sponge? Do you take on others’ energy and get drained, feel sick, or even diagnosed with something that was never yours to carry?

What if the Universe wants us to learn even more than it wants us to heal? And what if learning leads to wholeness, which leads to deeper healing? Without learning what the illness is trying to show us and working with that root level, eventually, a re-occurrence is practically guaranteed. “Return to Sender” in the manner Dave channeled it, has been a gift beyond compare for thousands of empaths and sensitives who have been struggling with temporary fixes at best.

Get relief in a group environment for far less money than a private session!

Discussion is followed by silent meditation / energy healing for the deepest possible integration of the information and healing work.

NOTE: A link to listen to and/or download the audio recording will be sent to paying attendees within 24 hours of each event's ending. To assure confidentiality, all participant’s shares, questions, and readings will be removed from this MP3. Archives will be available for six weeks after the event.

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