Empath Recovery

Empath Recovery
  • Are you tired of feeling alone, or that no one else gets you?
  • Are you frustrated by doing everything for others and not getting anything in return?
  • Are you done with people-pleasing and are ready for authentic relating?

If you’ve been afraid to speak in groups, or just craving something real, this may be the group for you!

Empath Recovery is an online forum where you can speak your truth, feel seen and heard, and share your gift of presence with others!

It is a safe container where all of you is fully welcomed, and even embraced.

We’ll incorporate the indigenous people’s concept of the Talking Stick, where each person speaks what’s true for them in each moment and everyone else listens as if they’re hearing the secrets of the Universe.

We’ll practice letting go of shoulds and shouldn’ts, and step beyond our more typical nature of hiding and solely being listeners.

A doorway to living from the heart is feeling seen and heard unconditionally. You’ll experience a new level of self-acceptance, higher awareness, and inspiration to move through life’s many challenges. Let’s watch our fears melt into a big pile of goo, and no longer let them run our lives! There are 3 basic tenants of Empath Recovery:

  • Speaking our truth invigorates ourselves and others.

  • Hearing others’ truth connects us with others at levels beyond mind.

  • Living our truth is our oneness made manifest.

When we speak from the level of heart, a natural cohesion that is formed. This brings about more awareness of our interconnectedness and a sense of wholeness. When we speak from the level of individual truth—to paraphrase Marianne Williamson— we unconsciously liberate others to do the same. And our attentive listening creates a sense of equanimity, releases comparisons and judgments and invites us to experience peace, compassion and connection!

Where: Online via Zoom
When: February 4, 2022 through June 17, 2022
Time: 9am-11am Pacific Time, 12 Noon Eastern, 6pm CEST
Duration: 20 weeks
Class size: Limited to 12 attendees
Cost: $30 per session, prepaid


  1. Will these be recorded? Due to the sensitive nature of these meetings, they will not be recorded.

  2. What if I need to miss a session, or several? That is okay. It is understandable that some will not be able to attend all sessions.

  3. Refunds? You can exit any time. Because you are reserving a spot; however, no refunds are given unless someone on a Waitlist can join to take your place. In that case, a pro-rated refund will be given for any unused sessions.

  4. Can I take a break, or go on vacation? Yes, of course, however because you are reserving a seat, you are still responsible for payment.

  5. What if, after attending a few sessions, I decide it’s not for me? Quite often we want to exit when we’re at our edge. By joining this group, you agree to have an open conversation with Dave before deciding it’s not for you. If it is agreed that your time is best served elsewhere, I ask that you attend one more session to say your goodbyes to the other members.


To make sure you’re not a sponge of others’ energy, read the material and apply the tools in the first two chapters of Empathipedia: Healing for Empaths & Highly Sensitive Persons prior to the first session and any subsequent sessions as needed.

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