After reading Healing with Source: A Spiritual Guide to Mind-Body Medicine, download and listen to the audio file called Integration. It contains a subliminal reading by the author, Dave Markowitz, that will help integrate the concepts you’ve read deep into your subconscious mind. And it’s free of charge.

It is recommended, though not necessary, to use headphones.

Listen to this only after reading the book!

The musical portion of Integration is an excerpt from Genesis from the Ambiology series, ©Barry Goldstein Music, and is used with permission. Reproduction or additional usage other than what is intended herein is not allowed and is really bad Karma.Genesis is the CD Dave uses for most of his private sessions and healing circles.

Barry is a Grammy award-winning producer, and sound healer. You can read about him at and order the 60-minute version of Genesis here.

Dave recording Integration
Dave recording Integration