Healing the Original Wound - Livestream

“For those of us who have grown weary of the self-improvement project, Dave's safe container that he holds for his clients feels like homecoming. With his soothing voice and his gentle and compassionate guidance, I felt that nothing on the emotional spectrum was unwanted, and I felt free to explore what lies underneath of so much that presents itself as a struggle or an ailment in life.”
– GB, anthropologist, Berlin, Germany
Healing the Original Wound (OW)

You’ve tried everything.

You’re tired of empty promises by well-meaning practitioners.

You’ve spent thousands of dollars and uncountable hours in workshops, holding crystals, saying your prayers, reading books, and eating your vitamins.

You’ve been to group healings and too many private sessions to mention, ingested supplements, applied tinctures, smoked herbs, taken homeopathic remedies, changed your diet, upped your exercise routine or mediation practice, and taken prescriptions medications.

While some of these may have alleviated your symptoms in the short term, invariably the symptoms would return—often with even more intensity.

You learned so much along the way. You may already know all the things you should be doing but can’t manage to do them. So you beat yourself up for not doing what you know you should be doing.

You’ve been told, “You’re too sensitive,” “It’s all in your head,” and that you’re to blame for your own symptoms. You’re told that if you can’t heal, you’re too lazy, or that it’s your karma so therefore can’t do much about it, or that you are lacking self-love.

Can you relate to some—or even all—of the above?

What if what we’ve known about healing isn’t the full story? Not that what you’ve done is wrong, or that you are bad or that any of the practitioners aren’t good intentioned, or that the modalities you’ve tried are bad; rather, what if they’re just incomplete?

What if there’s a story behind the story you’ve been told about healing that you just can’t see right now? What if there is hope for you—and for everyone—who wishes to reduce symptoms, spiritually expand, and emotionally grow? What if healing was looked at with fresh eyes and an expanded vision of what symptoms really are, and therefore what it really means to heal?

There is one wound that lies underneath all other wounds.

That wound affects almost every decision we’ve ever made, informs almost every fear we’ve ever had, and negatively affects almost every emotional, physical and relational pain we’ve ever had.

All of this happens so subtly—yet so profoundly and consistently—that the presence of this original wound isn’t recognized and therefore remains unaddressed—slowly festering into more difficult challenges that seem to worsen, expand, and never end.

At the Healing the OW (Original Wound) Livestream Course, we’ll explore the perception of separation from Source that occurs when we’re an infant in addition to the physical wound of separation from our mother that happens as soon as the umbilical cord is cut. The resultant abandonment energies affect almost everything we know and experience from that moment to the present, leaving us in a constant state of searching to fill the void with things that can’t actually work, try as we might.

We’ll begin—or continue—to expose and heal the underlying wound of abandonment that is responsible for so many of our past and present-day challenges, all from the comfort of your own home.

Through conversation and energetic healing meditations, we’ll heal the Original Wound at the causal level and expand your understandings of yourself and others. This healing can then permeate into every other area of your life, bringing you closer what you’ve always sought but couldn’t achieve—a reconnection with your Highest Self and to the Spirit both within and external of the self. (And if you did achieve it, you likely lost it a short time later!)

From this place of a reconnected self, you can finally heal what ails you. You can expand and balance your emotional capacity, up-level your Spiritual prowess, and attain inner peace. Physical ailments can be reduced or eliminated. Emotional pain can be minimized and oftentimes eradicated. Spiritual voids can be filled with a long-lasting trust in—and connection to—Spirit, and in the whole process of life!

Join us for what promises to be a transformational event unlike any other!


“After participating in Dave Markowitz’s Healing the Original Wound Course, I finally have hope of being healed! Other studies have provided great information and helpful ideas for dealing with being an Empathic ‘Sponge’ and dealing with physical illness but none have worked permanently. I plan on taking any other OW or other LiveStream courses that he offers. I’m convinced! I’m also
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– Eileen Dentler, Psychic Intuitive Empath; Austin, TX
“I participated in Dave's 7-week ‘Original Wound’ (OW) course. I learned a lot from him about the OW and about myself.

The phrase, ‘Feel it. Love it. Heal it’ wasn't in my healing vocabulary. But after working with Dave, whose work is focused on Empaths and Sensitives' healing, I have released a lot of emotional pain which has been stored in my body from past traumas and family dynamics. I am
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– Chi, San Francisco Bay Area, CA, USA
“Dave guides you to meet your suppressed emotions in a gentle and loving way. You go to the emotional root of your problems, and surprisingly, doors open to insights that release you from whatever mindset you were stuck in. Dave’s method is “less is more”, where being quiet together is transformative. He is a respectful listener and facilitates change with his deep attentiveness and capacity for
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– Ingrid, Denmark
“I have been working with Dave for more than a year, and the experience has been transformational! The way he frames each session is always illuminating and his ability to channel amazing energy from the Source is outstanding. Dave is undoubtedly the real thing.”
– Dr. David Ostwald, San Francisco; retired
Sarah Green

Words cannot effectively convey the massive energy shift that I have had since working with Dave Markowitz. You see testimonials and sometimes you wonder if they are real—one thing for sure is that Dave has the most incredible gift!

[ Read more ]
– Sarah Green, The Mindset Warrior, Empath, lightworker, speaker, storyteller, soul alignment coach - a bridge to the soul - a school cleaner, mother, Worcestershire, England UK
“Dave's Healing the OW course has been a complete game changer for me. I've been living with Chronic Fatigue for about 20 years. Even though I've spent decades on my healing journey, I still was not grasping the immense impact that my empathic nature was having on my health. Using Dave's methods, I've experienced in a very visceral way, how important and uplifting it is to release energies I've been holding
[ Read more ]
– Carmen, Executive Assistant, Asheville, NC


  1. Will these be recorded? Yes! You’ll be sent a link to an on-line virtual storage space so you don’t even have to download them onto your computer—unless you want to of course! That virtual space will always be available to attendees of this Healing the OW.
  2. What if I need to miss a session, or several? That is okay. It is understandable that some will not be able to attend all sessions.
  3. Refunds? You can exit at any time. If you leave 3 or more days before the start of the second class (enough time for those on the wait list to join), you will be refunded in full. After that, no refunds will be given.


To best protect yourself from others’ energy, it is highly recommended (though not necessary) to apply the tools in the first two chapters of Empathipedia: Healing for Empaths & Highly Sensitive Persons prior to each session.


  1. All modules will be over Zoom. Your video participation is optional. Recordings will be provided.
  2. To make sure everyone gets the specific attention they need, this course is limited to just 16 people.
  3. 7 Saturdays, specific dates TBA
  4. 9am–10:30am PDT / 12pm–1:30pm EDT / 5pm–6:30pm GMT
  5. Price per person to attend is $397.

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