Event Testimonials

From the Heal Yourself Bootcamp on August 19, 2006:
"Dear Dave; Just a note to say thanks for the wonderful day. Six unknown people came together; each with their own personal problems. During the different we were given to do, we began to get confidence.you had taught us how to have an open mind and to learn. We learned more about our bodies and how our own negativity makes us sick."
– Alice S. Bronx, NY
"Hi Dave, I really enjoyed today, I learned a lot, about myself. It was a great group of people."
– Helena
“I didn’t know the words to describe the healing Dave helped me to achieve until now (Sept 18, 2006). Long before I even thought I needed healing, I lost my true self. Through the healing process, I separated from my ego and realized I needed to befriend the person I always was but forgot believing in—believing all the “crap” instead of my truth. Gradually, I am rediscovering Ronda again.”
– Ronda K., NYC
From the 4-week Intensive, June, 2006:
“Dave made everything very accessible”
“After each class, I felt I was making progress.”
“…aware of how interconnected we all are.”
“Dave was amazing—he has a beautiful spirit”
Saturday, June 3, 2006

Thank you for the wonderful workshop. It was very energizing and fulfilling. Besides health and many other things, I also learned a lot about acceptance. The way you accepted and embraced people of all walks of life was very enlightening.

With lots of gratitude,

– TS, Long Island
Thanks for a wonderful seminar this afternoon. For me, the "enlightenment timing" must have been right. So many unrelated thoughts all of a sudden made sense. I really appreciate your enabling me to see in a new light.
April 5, 2006
Dave Markowitz made a second appearance at The Queens Psychic Club and gave a presentation, “How to Heal Yourself Forever". The audience of about 75 people was thrilled and impressed with his presentation and the question and answer period that followed. Many had seen him previously, and asked me to have him return again.
– Bob Cecilio, Founder of the Queens Psychic Club
August 3, 2005
Thank you for a wonderful, enlightening presentation last night.I was the attendee that applauded you verbally and then was delighted to purchase your last book. Dave, you are everything I believe and live by. I was absorbing your words and concepts like a sponge.I am currently a volunteer for Calvary Hospice where I perform Reiki and spiritual counseling to people that are passing and their caretakers who are hurting. I look forward to receiving your newsletter and seeing you again in the near future. Once again, thank you for an outstanding presentation.
– Susan, Reiki Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor
I was at your (Queens, NY) lecture last night. It was very mind opening. Thank you for the sharing-helping.
– Lisa, NY
May 23, 2005, at The Learning Annex, NYC:
"I felt refreshed after the class. David Markowitz is very knowledgeable and a genuine spiritual guide. I recommend this class for everyone who feels an affinity with the universe. It is to his credit and our good fortune he wrote a book, Perspectives, published recently. Leave it to The Learning Annex to sponsor the best!"
– A. Grauman, NY
“I, too, attended your class at the Learning Annex. We dealt with the fact of my menstruating perpetually (still at 56—even after having surgery to halt it!), and then you spoke! Well, the next day, I bled less, the day after even less and by the 3rd day, I had STOPPED! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't been the one to experience it!”
– E.F. via the Learning Annex, NYC
September 8, 2004, at The Learning Annex, NYC:
"I knew when I read the course description that I had to come to this class. It far exceeded my hopes. Dave is very smart, hilarious, and really gets it."
– Julie Karp, PhD Psychologist, NYC
"Tremendously thought provoking…I took more notes in this class than 90% of other Learning Annex classes"
– G Herman, NYC
"Excellent!!! It addressed everything I wanted to hear about…I would highly recommend your services to other people. Your Medical Intuition was great."
– B Edwards, NYC
"I enjoyed the class; it helped expand my understanding of Medical Intuition. (Your) lecture was laced with humor and practical information which touched a chord in me."
– T.P., NYC
"It's empowering…very interesting to learn that our repressed emotions are linked to certain (health) problems we have. It makes me think about…what emotions I've been holding back. The knowledge I gained was very beneficial. I am encouraged to pay more attention to what my body is saying to me."
– Anonymous, NYC
"I learned a lot about myself. I realized I am always angry. I understand why I am having health problems, and what I can do to heal myself"
– Anonymous, NYC
From January 2005
I was at your Intuitive Medicine workshop last week and I would just like to thank you for such a wonderful and insightful evening. I found it triggered and inspired parts of me that I had been pushing aside for awhile!! Many thanks.
– Skye Boucaut, Australia
From June 9 2004
"Dave's manner is so relaxed, comfortable and safe. He isn't 'selling' it, but sharing the information. The Intuitive Healing subject is a vast one and he managed to impart useful techniques & wisdom in a small amount of time. He's incredible!"
– Annette Z., Vice President, wholesale produce, Bronxville, NY
"I enjoyed this evening because of Dave's perspective of how our emotions affect our bodies. It confirmed mine. The class was informative for testing in different ways. It was clear, concise and helpful - just what I wanted, Thank you"
– Janice Z.
"Dave has a wonderful way to make Medical Intuition simple, workable and practical for all kinds of people of divergent talents. I'm a Physician; I'll certainly use this knowledge in my practice
– Anonymous Physician, NYC
"Straightforward, clear, simple introduction to opening my mind and coming into the moment; walked away with the tools I wanted."
– Leslie G., Natural Foods Cook, and spirit-freeing Holistic Fitness Nia Teacher, Staten Island NY
From April 18 2004
"After attending Dave's workshop, I felt like a door really opened for me with regards to the causes of pain; working with him produced a huge release of feelings that I hadn't realized were connected to the discomfort in my back, neck and shoulders. He is also a gentle caring presence who radiates light, health and compassion, and inspires me to cultivate the same qualities in my own life."
– Elizabeth Fountain, Actress, NYC
From February 8, 2003
"Thanks again for the wonderful seminar. I have been feeling a great improvement with my neck pain! I can honestly say I have experienced an approx. 80% reduction in stiffness and pain, really! I am also working on your method to continue to improve. Best of luck with bringing awareness to as many people as you can bless!"
-Celine P., Computer Software Sales Executive
"Thank you for your useful instruction on relief from neck and back pain at Alok's Holistic Health. The system and techniques are straightforward and easy to recall making them highly useful and readily available for practical application. The workshop showed how immediate relief from neck and back pain (or any pain) is possible. Your experience and work has obviously provided you with a lot of knowledge on the pain-body-mind connection. Your way is gentle, instructive and intuitive. I would recommend your workshop and thank you once again."
– Walter C.

From Workshops Prior:

"I had the good fortune to be able to attend a wonderful demonstration with Dave. His clear and direct approach to accessing and understanding energy enabled me to experience instantaneous release and I physically felt tension in my lower back and neck subside. I believe that those with a desire to heal can benefit from work with Dave."
– H. Bain, Chiropractic Assistant - Queens NY,
From April 12, 2003
"I experienced a release in my right shoulder/arm that I have not felt in a long time. I became more aware of certain issues I was not looking at the root of in a 'safe' non-threatening environment."
– Kara P., Account Executive in the Fashion Industry
"An enlightening class. It opened up a whole new way of looking at the source of pain and the mind-body connection…At that moment, I experienced a 50% pain reduction and a first time ever ability to visualize while meditating. I'm sure I'll see daily improvement!"
– Angie C., President & Communications Manager Asst., Newspaper National Network, LP
"This class helped reaffirm my belief in the mind-body connection. Pain is a manifestation of larger issue which can help us in greater ways than our "silly little" pain."
– Warren F., Architect
"Talking about how my perception of my job is affecting me helped me release some things. It also clarified what I already knew to be true. I will be taking the time and energy to fully release the attitudes and physical pains that are holding me back. Dave's intuition felt amazing to hear, and gave me renewed enthusiasm!"
– Ginger C., Special Education Schoolteache
From Nov 10, 2003
"I was extremely impressed with Dave's intuitive connection with each person. He seemed to get to the root essence of each of us very quickly. I'm excited to experiment with the tools that he suggested for me."
– Peter B. - Engineer, Manager of Renewable Energy Services, ConEdison Solutions
"It was very helpful to understand the connection between my shoulder pain and my recent experience with a colleague."
– Irene Bocchetta
"I feel much better and would like to come again. I will practice the steps (The Five Steps to Healing)"
– Rose M.
"It was helpful listening to the people that started the healing session. The pain they were experiencing I also shared. Letting go of negative energy (feelings) allowed me to release a significant amount of my pain. I am a visual person so I imaged the love traveling to the areas I was feeling pain. I saw myself through the eyes of my daughter and best friend for my healing process."
– Bill M.
"It was a wonderful class full of insights. I experienced instant relief that no pill can reproduce. I would recommend this to anyone who has been dealing w/ chronic pain. There is no need to suffer anymore."
– Anonymous