Healing Circle Testimonials

From Joan:

"How fortunate I was to have been a part of Dave's healing circle this past week. I came with no expectations and left with the greatest of respect and thanks for a wonderful awakening. We began by breathing deeply and listening to the wonderful music of Barry Goldstein. Having gone to other energy circles I had an idea that I might be feeling some energy, but never in a million years did I expect feeling it to that intensity! I felt electrified within and about 5 inches above my entire body. And every few minutes I felt a surge of energy whip through my lower back straight up my spine in such intensity I was sure my body was falling forward, but in fact I found myself sitting quite still when I finally opened my eyes. Dave touched my throat chakra and the top of my head. I had visions of angels singing whole round notes in a heavenly choir which was a special message to me. As a 3 year old little girl, I vividly recall staring at the ceiling in church watching the angels singing in perfect harmony.

I presented a pen as my symbol 'to write in truth, speak in truth and be in truth' before we started. As I sat in meditation there was the sensation of a pen in my right hand. This feeling was so real I was shocked when I saw it resting on the table just a few feet from me. To end this remarkable experience Dave whispered my message to me. 'You Are Truth.' I smiled, felt a tear come to my eye, and looked upon myself clothed in a white robe with a feeling of such peace and happiness.

As I opened my eyes I felt energized and on top of the world. This feeling lasted for days and I wanted to tell everyone I met how great life is. I found a short paragraph which I wrote two weeks ago.

It did not mean anything to me when I wrote it - just words written in slow motion. So I just tucked it away, and knew I would read them again with meaning when the time was right. Today is the day I would like to share them.

'I am truth unencumbered by motionless presence of enlightenment. The power of light transcends all things great and small. That which we are has always been. By grace we see the union of spirit which we hold in our hearts and souls. Breathe freely and deeply. You inhabit the true connection to freedom of choice by affirming life. It is moments of doubt that turns inside out life in perfection.'

Dave has a remarkable gift and I feel very blessed to have attended such a special evening."

From K.O., NYC:

"Something very powerful happened as soon as you turned on the music. I spontaneously started to cry. It wasn't sadness per se, but I definitely felt that there was a surge of emotional energy moving through me.

Against your advice, I tried to stop myself, to control myself and I did. My mind wandered for a bit, and I recall having a conversation with what I will assume was my guide. I mean, it was me...but it wasn't. She told me it was my time, that it was time to leave "home" and that the old lessons I have learned no longer serve me. I felt frightened, and she was reassuring, calm. I am still frightened.

Later you came, and you touched my heart. At first I felt my mind was blank and remember thinking, everything is suddenly so dark. Then it felt like you somehow increased the intensity, and I started to cry. I didn't stop myself this time. I had a very vivid image of a young girl (myself I suppose) standing on her toes, straight upright, arms bolted to her sides, hands clenched in fists and shaking her head up to someone, insisting 'I'm not broken, I'm not broken, I'm not broken.' It was very insistent and urgent and she wasn't going to let anyone interrupt her or let them put her down. I felt like this was something I've not done before, stood up for myself in this way, so definite. I also realized though that this girl was deeply hurt. I also recall feeling a lot of heat in my body. Finally the girl found the fire inside her to defy whoever told her she's 'just not cut out for it'"

From Kristin Reed, Reiki Practitioner, Brooklyn, NY:

"You asked us to bring an intention and an object to symbolize that intention. I brought a $2 bill that I have been keeping in a box of keys since I moved into my new apartment 1½ years ago. My intention was to raise myself above the financial rut I am currently caught up in, really for the first time in my adult life.

As I waited for guidance that night, I realized that I am looking for a 'key', and that bill had been sitting on keys for some time. I was getting the message to release the fear and play my life like a game and a challenge with joy and zeal. To 'let my heart fly'.

When you came to me you placed your hand over my heart and whispered in my ear to 'let it go.' Release it-let it fly. YES. Good guidance from Source and through you from Source. A confirmation.

Later you placed your hand on my third eye and I saw a rose bud bloom in the darkness. My intention is now to bring that flower to light and nourish it. I saw many images as paintings in my own style during that meditation. And I was guided to buy some black paper, colored chalk and gouache. Not materials I usually work with. But they are now on my shopping list. I am so grateful for that evening."

From Edward B. in NY City:

I would like to give you some feedback from the previous Healing Circle. At the beginning, you asked each person to state their intention for the evening.  In my case, I mentioned that I wanted to improve my ability to visualize.  During the meditation that followed, I saw in my mind's eye a vision of an urban area, with a lot of very tall buildings next to each other and I "knew" that I was seeing a view some 100 years in the future. Next, I saw a vision of two boats racing each other on a river with oarsmen dressed in ancient outfits made of animal skin, with each boat having a "leader" dressed in full regalia. Again, I "knew" that I was seeing something that had taken place 500 years earlier.  The reason I am going over this with you is to let you know that my intention for that evening was met 100%, by confirming that I have the innate capability to "see" a lot further and I can develop this ability if I wish. Thanks again.

From Carla at Jaya

Dave creates a warm, comfortable environment for the participants, making it easy to access a clear intention and helps push all the extra curricular psychological confusion out of the way. I love the healing circle and am glad he agreed to come back to and share his gift with us again.

From E. K., Translator, NYC:

"I would like to thank Dave for the wonderful time I had at the last Healing Circle. During the meditation I had a vision of my future house and office, both extremely beautiful and with a décor predominantly in white color. I could see myself standing on my terrace enjoying a peaceful view of the ocean or taking long walks along the beach. Always feeling very happy and content... and wearing beautiful white fabrics.

The intensity of my visualization increased even more when Dave approached me and I could feel his healing energy going through me. The whole experience was very relaxing, and I can hardly wait for my vision to become reality!"

From Rosemary Gant, NYC

Dear Dave, thank you for the healing circle last night.  The energy is still sorting out causing me to examine some of my deepest thought patterns.  Plus I had a life lesson wake me up this morning.

– Thanks again

From Anonymous; New York, NY, USA

My experience in Healing circle was definitely focusing, transformative, and cementing. I feel myself being better directed within. Although I have lots of questions (which is always good) there seems to be a synergy with the information/experiences I receive and encounter on a daily basis. I am in practice of being abundant, and am becoming better skilled at redirecting thoughts which are of no use to me. Clearing out the clutter, so to speak. I'm in continual process and progress.  Thank you Dave, for being you. Once again thank you; I truly see the divine in you.