Livestream: Healing the Empath–Narcissist Attraction

Healing the Empath–Narcissist Attraction

Admit it. You like them. And you hate them. 

Narcissists. The bane of the empath’s existence. The ones we’re drawn to and can’t live without…

are the very same people that drive us nuts. 

They’re passionate, charming, funny, and are often physically attractive. They’re the life of the party. And sometimes we just like to be seen WITH them…

But do we feel seen BY them?

Are narcissists even capable of a true emotional connection? How do they always manage to keep us around? Why do we sacrifice ourselves for them and somehow feel good when doing so…

yet we feel awful afterward?

What is about the narcissist that keeps us hanging on? And how do we escape the seemingly ever-present pull they have on us?

In this livestream, you will:

  • Learn what creates narcissism
  • Discover what’s truly behind our attraction to narcissists
  • Receive support in the journey from hopeless to whole, and
  • Experience a sense of freedom from the old, painful attractions!

Take an active step in becoming sovereign and whole within yourself…

enough to no longer seek validation from others who can’t meet us how we’d like to met!

To listen to the archive for this event (if available), click here.

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