Healing Grief for Empaths and Sensitives

Healing Grief for Empaths and Sensitives
  • Has anyone called you ‘too sensitive’?
  • Are you feeling weighed down by loneliness, responsibility, or despair?

Join 2x bestselling author and fellow empath Dave Markowitz on a heart-centered journey in healing grief!

Most of us were taught an unhealthy relationship with grieving, so we’ve fought it, held it back, or repressed it. This creates energetic blockages, leading to various symptoms of pain and illness—and feeling like you’re on a ‘hamster wheel of healing.’

Through specific processes for empaths, you’ll have several experiences in healing numerous layers of the causative energy that is showing up as lethargy, ‘depression’, or ‘anxiety’ and many other physical or emotional symptoms.

In a safe environment, you’ll go deeper into what ails you via the support of others just like you!

In this 4-week live, online course, you’ll learn to see, heal, and even love this powerful transformative emotion. You’ll expand your understanding of—and befriend—your grief, knowing that what we witness and welcome, softens. And that what we fight, gets more energy.

Learn how to stop fighting ‘what is’ and surrender to the gift of grief!

4 Monday Evenings
Sep 20, 27, Oct 4, 11
7:30 – 9:00pm PDT

This is a remote course co-produced with Unfold Yoga PDX. Click here for details.

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