Healing Abandonment - Livestream

Healing Abandonment

Learn a healthier way of understanding our initial wounding—our perceived separation from Source—that when left unhealed leaves us “looking for love in all the wrong places.”

When we try to fill our emotional voids with distraction, material pursuits, or intimate relationships, we’re actually reinforcing the feelings of separation. We actually attract others who will may leave us or who never can meet us emotionally, or we attract those who can stay with us and meet us but we can’t take it in, all of this only adds to the emotional misery.

By healing the initial wound, everything changes.

Discussion is followed by silent meditation / energy healing for the deepest possible integration of the information and healing work.

NOTE: A link to listen to and/or download the audio recording will be sent to paying attendees within 24 hours of each event's ending. To assure confidentiality, all participant’s shares, questions, and readings will be removed from this MP3. Archives will be available for six weeks after the event.

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