Healthy Protection for Empaths & Sensitives - Livestream

Healthy Protection for Empaths & Sensitives

Tired of being an emotional sponge?

Do you want to learn simple yet effective protection techniques that are in alignment with your gifts?

Sadly, what we’re most often taught, for examples: putting up walls, encasing oneself in a bubble or white light etc., can be effective in the short-term, but can be detrimental in the long term. Poor protection skills can cause or worsen fatigue, confusion, anxiousness, heavy-heartedness and so much more.

Part of the empath’s superpowers are the ability to connect with others, our own intuition, and Spirit, and all of these are reduced when we block incoming energy incorrectly.

Learn how to safely open up to what’s coming toward you and filter it with ease, allowing you to still be heart-centered, nurturing, caring, compassionate and mega-empathic, but not a walking sponge!

NOTE: A link to listen to and/or download the audio recording will be sent to paying attendees within 24 hours of each event's ending. To assure confidentiality, all participant’s shares, questions, and readings will be removed from this MP3. Archives will be available for six weeks after the event.

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