Healing Grief - Livestream

Healing Grief

We’re all dealing with grief in the ways that were modeled by family and culture. Some repress. Some deny. Some distract. And most of us have dealt with our share of “depression” or fatigue or other ailments as a result of not honoring grief for the healing gift that it truly is. What if there is a better way to heal our broken hearts? There is! Discover how to befriend your own heart’s innate ability to process grief that will open your heart to expansion and joy! Discussion is followed by silent meditation / energy healing for the deepest possible integration of the information and healing work.

NOTE: A link to listen to and/or download the audio recording will be sent to paying attendees within 24 hours of each event's ending. To assure confidentiality, all participant’s shares, questions, and readings will be removed from this MP3. Archives will be available for six weeks after the event.

Sorry, this event is no longer available.

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