Would Spirit Lie to You?

November 2nd, 2016
Would Spirit Lie to You?



I know it seems absurd, but Spirit lying to us mortals is something I’ve experienced more than once. And I’ve also seen it happen to others, too.

But how can this be? If Spirit is unconditional love, would unconditional love actually lie?

Depends on how one defines a lie. Let me explain:

Spirit can only flow through us at the level of consciousness and emotional capacity that we are presenting at a given time. If we’re intuiting from a place of extreme fear or ego, that reading will often be off, or what might be called a non-truth in that moment presented through our own mental or emotional filter. No matter how well “connected” to the Spirit world we may feel we usually are, we’re all still victims to the wisdom in the Abraham H. Maslow quote, I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail. Even though you may have many tools, if they’re not used as designed, you won’t get the desired results.

Here’s An Example:

I used to work with an animal communicator, let’s just call her Rose. I had no doubt Rose was qualified to help people with her gifts, but because she lived in a world of scarcity and fear, when she intuited information for herself—mostly with muscle testing—her answers were highly distorted.

When I began working with Rose, she only had one client that she’d see a couple of times a week, we’ll call that client Bucky. Bucky would pay Rose $350/hr to know what Fluffy was really thinking when Fluffy’s legs would shake when she was dreaming. (Okay, I made up that leg shake example, but you get the idea.)

This amount at that frequency was enough to sustain Rose and had been for a while, but obviously Rose wanted to do more, and to make more. While she thought she was marketing herself well, the evidence clearly showed otherwise. She knew she needed help and eventually agreed to look into that.

The first thing I questioned was her rates. I asked Rose if she thought she was truly being in service by charging a rate that for many is very difficult to afford. She insisted that she was worth that amount and was deeply wrapped up in that belief and even offended that I asked. After all, her intuited communications with Spirit only confirmed this!

I could feel what was happening: Spirit was communicating with her through her own fear, and was therefore, from a human perspective at least, lying to her about her worth and how best to share her gifts. Not that I believe that Spirit wants us to be poor, rather it’s more concerned with what our hearts want than what our wallet or ego wants. It also knows that as we follow the heart, abundance often follows. So, these intuited false messages of worth were the proverbial repeated knocks on the door before the proverbial two-by-four smacked her upside the head—which was about to happen.

The Bucky Stops Here

Bucky then said, “Thanks for all your help; I think I’m good to go on my own now” and Rose, instead of celebrating that her only client had “graduated”, began to panic.

I suggested offering a sliding scale just to get some income coming in, and also, more importantly, to get back to sharing her gifts.

She vehemently refused.

I could clearly see what was happening because many years prior I’d gone through a similar situation: Spirit “told me” to quit my day job and that I was good enough to charge a lot and to get an office in SOHO, NYC. I followed all “instructions” I was given and after 6 months and having seen only 3 clients, one session each, I could no longer afford the rent. Basically, my ego was bigger than the Hindenburg, but it hadn’t gone down in flames quite yet.

I shared this story with her and she still didn’t see the correlation. No matter how many times and in how many ways I tried, her ego was so inflated that nothing I said could pierce it. And in retrospect, many of my friends and mentors told me the same thing but I too was unable to hear it. I had to learn for myself by going through an expensive circuitous route, navigating the maze of ego and fear to eventually see that Spirit wasn’t lying to me at all, it was just giving me back what I was sending forth—fear!

Do You Mind?

Your mind will always try to convince you to live in fear rather than love. If you are living in fear of anything, whether it’s a corporate takeover or evil aliens sucking out your grey matter, your “communications” will reflect that. Your mind will want to judge others more than accept them. It will want to point out differences rather than focus on similarities to give you a subtle or exaggerated sense of superiority. It will make you believe false ideas about people you know and those you've never even met. Fear can distort your perception and leave you more pliable to what other people are saying about your ex-boyfriend, a movie star, musician, or politician, as opposed to their own words and actions and assessing them based on that. All perceptions are filtered through your own beliefs or the beliefs of others that you’ve heard, read, or unconsciously taken on. These beliefs about others can also be transference at play—repressed emotional charges project your reality onto other people all the time. The mind can make you hate people who only want to love you. It can convince you that another person or institution is out to get you, and once these flames of fear are lit, thanks even more so now to social media, the lie can spread like a virus. 

Because it is so difficult to monitor the mind’s thoughts, oftentimes it’s a good idea to ask a trusted friend or practitioner what they see in you. An external POV can see or feel past what your mind believes, and ideally, slowly, lovingly, and compassionately invite you to see and feel that, too. I often hear, “I didn’t expect that” in reference to old memories that arise for healing when safe space is being held. But we need each other for that to happen. 

Similarly, if you are living in extreme grief or anger and don’t let yourself feel it and heal it, or are absorbing the emotions of others and don’t give those emotions back to their original owner*, the Universe will lie right to your face, or heart, as it were in line with your mind’s desire to bury or deny what’s really happening. When your ego is running the show, there is no way your heart will be able to feel what it’s really made of and wants to share.

But the beautiful thing about being loved unconditionally is that if you were to follow the non-truthful guidance to its eventual conclusion, you will eventually be lead to a much bigger and much more important truth that is sorely needed. On the bright side of these potential non-truths is the awareness that when we get ourselves out of fear or ego—whether that takes days or decades—the best and most truthful answers will always show up both quicker and more directly because what you emit comes back to you.  

So I learned first hand and am inviting you to learn before you crash and burn. You will get better guidance, have better health, and attract the right people, places, and situations a lot quicker if you are coming from a more humble place.

I still don’t know if Rose got the lesson. She not only discontinued working with me directly, she also opted out of my newsletter list. I hold no animosity towards her; she may still have some toward me, and that is okay. If I see something so clearly and intuit that I should invite my client to that vision but don't, even if I preface it with, “I may be wrong, but…”, it’d only be more fear augmenting the situation and holding both of us back. I’d rather be hated for sharing a truth than loved for stroking the flames of separation and fear.

What Does a Yellow Light Mean? 

Do your inner work regularly before any meeting, healing session, or any event that can challenge you. Take extra measures daily—journaling, prayer, meditation—anything that gets you out of fear.

I’ve found the easiest and quickest tool to be slowing down. Similar to how eating quickly doesn’t allow for maximum nutrient absorption (digestion begins in the mouth!), rushing through life takes us out of the moment and gives more power to the false mind. When we slow down and sink deeper into each moment, we can better assure a deeper, more honest connection with truth beyond that of the judgmental mind. Even if we can only get to that place a couple of times a day, it’s a great start!

If, as many say, 90% of our lives are run from the subconscious mind, slowing down can reduce that number dramatically. This allows us to make better decisions, speak our truth, and intuit guidance with more accuracy. From that more honest place, at minimum, our third eye or throat chakras open and at maximum, our heart chakra opens, too. And from these more loving flowing places we can better heal others and ourselves, and manifest our truest hearts desires.


*This process is in my book, Self-Care for the Self-Aware. See link below.  


Read more: http://www.davemarkowitz.com/books.php?page=selfcare

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