Don’t Die with Your Music Still Inside You

by Dave Markowitz

April 10th, 2015
Don’t Die with Your Music Still Inside You


 Wayne Dyer addressed a crowd of hundreds many years ago, and in an odd moment -- or so it seemed to my friend -- Dr. Dyer seemed to say to my friend directly, “Don’t die with your music still inside you.”

 It hit my friend hard. Having been in the music industry for years as a producer, others reaped the benefits of his hard work. But not any longer. It was time for HIS music to emerge!

 Each one of us has a unique gift, and part of life’s joy is figuring out what that gift is. This process can also be life’s greatest source of frustration or even embarrassment! But oftentimes we learn what not to do, so that what to do becomes clearer. Like digging for gold, you need to get through layers of dirt until you can claim the prize.

 The first lecture I ever gave on mind­body medicine could easily have been considered a flop. At an expo serving thousands, I was given a room that holds 200. There were five people in the room.

 Another one I did a few months later with two co­presenters was attended by just one. Can you say, "Awkward!"?

 But I knew I had a gift. And I also knew that to refuse this gift was like slapping the creator in the face. So I figured I’d better not die with my “music” still inside of me. Learning from each of these "failures", I eventually I was asked to share the bill with my greatest inspiration at the time, Deepak Chopra in front of thousands at NYC’s Javits Center.

 So why are we so afraid to fail? Why do most of us never find our “music”? Even though many of our greatest discoveries in science, medicine, and metaphsyics are the end results of numerous failures, most of us have some degree of perfectionism in us, and for many, that is the reason we don’t try new things, learn new material, or even go outside our comfort zones (Not you, of course!). While that may be safe, it’s certainly not growing, and growth is why we’re here. 

 Another block is that we've all got conditioned belief systems that tell us we're unworthy. So what? I've yet to meet a person who feels worthy. I say, do it anyway! 

 What have you accomplished in your life? What have you done and not celebrated? Write in the comments below and celebrate it with others!

 No one ever died saying they wish they made more money. As author John Haines said, “Don't be one of the people who work hard and spend their health trying to achieve wealth; then retire and spend their wealth attempting to regain their health.”

 Don't you get inspired when seeing someone doing what you know and they know they are meant to do? What is your “music” and when will you share it with others? Don’t die with your music still inside you!

 Since my friend took Dr Dyer's message to heart, he’s written some amazing material, both pop and ambient, and now he’s opening for audiences of Dr. Joe Dispenza, James Van Praagh, Dannion Brinkley and yes, even Wayne Dyer!


"Alas for those that never sing,
But die with all their music in them."
 -Oliver Wendall Holmes



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