Healing Spiral

Awakening Relationships & Heartken™* Healing

Are you or your partner unable to open the heart?

Do you want a deeper and more emotional relationship?

Is your partner non-communicative or non-committal?

Everyone wants a fulfilling and rewarding intimate relationship, but too many of us end up repeating the conditioned patterns of our past. Dave knows this story quite well and has transformed three decades of serial dating into a powerful and dynamic monogamous relationship.

Taking it to Another Level

Karen McPhee
“I've always loved Dave's healing sessions, and this new relationship healing work he's doing is taking it to another level. With Dave's keen insight and empathic awareness, he revealed an old wound I was not aware of that had created a pattern of betrayal in my relationships with men. I couldn't see the wound, only its evidence which I had been working on healing for years. With Dave's skillful guidance, this energy pattern was completely healed. I entered a greater state of wholeness, peace and safety. This catalyzed a profound shift in my life and is transforming my relationships. I'm so grateful and I highly recommend this work.”
Karen McPhee, intuitive coach, Calgary, Alberta Canada


Dave intuitively tunes in and helps you explore your unconscious motivations. He asks insightful questions to help you get to your own truth. The process is organic and reveals itself in the moment through Divine guidance. The end results are clarity, deeper connections with your partner and a more fulfilling life.

Through trial and error, great advice from other authors and coaches, and, most of all, my own intuition, I’ve finally manifested an awakening intimate relationship. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with others!

– Dave Markowitz

How did this work evolve?

Many people helped by the Healing for the Highly Sensitive Person sessions and workshops have inquired about deepening their existing intimate relationships or calling in a new one. Clearly the need for this work is already high and ever expanding as we move from ego- and fear-based relationships into deeper, heart-based connections. AWAKENING RELATIONSHIPS intuitive coaching and Heartken™ Healing for singles helps you step into the next best version of yourself to attract the right partner, and for those in a relationship, helps you co-create more emotional intimacy.

What is Heartken™ Healing?

“ken” is a noun meaning:

  1. knowledge, understanding, or cognizance; mental perception.
  2. range of sight or vision.

So, Heartken™ Healing is a combination of intuitive coaching and energy healing designed to help you:

  • experience better mental perception;
  • increase your ability to see yourself and others with an open heart; and
  • take your relationships to a higher and deeper level.

Heartken™ Healing also includes energy healing to help integrate and align you with higher consciousness. The results of this can be more self-awareness; more confidence; exuding a higher vibration; and feeling all things more deeply.

Wait, go back… Did that just say, “feeling all things more deeply”?

Feelings are the gateway to more authenticity and deeper relationships. As you awaken and embody the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine archetypes within you, the barriers to what you really want become move visible. Your vulnerabilities can shake up repressed memories and if not done in safe, sacred space can cause discomfort. With Heartken Healing™, the process can go a lot smoother. Ironically, the more you accept the suppressed and arising energies (which is infinitely easier when being witnessed by a safe practitioner), the more you own them vs. them owning you, and the more peaceful the transformation is moving from darkness into light. You begin to live from the higher consciousness that includes deep unconditional love for yourself. You can then emanate that toward others without responsibility, guilt, fear or shame.

As you become more whole as an individual, you enjoy rather than need your partner—you complement rather than complete, and meet rather than compete. As a single, becoming more whole attracts a partner that can both meet you where and how you want to be met, and also challenges you to continue growing. As part of a dyad, becoming more whole provides similar opportunities to be your best self and to then bring that to your relationship, thus, co-creating and awakened relationship with your current partner.

AWAKENING RELATIONSHIPS helps you grow from and through your blockages to expand into a healthy heart-centered connection. Because we all have bind spots and different forms of resistance, this type of growth is best done with a quality practitioner who can hold safe, space for this journey. Heartken™ Healing as transmitted through Dave Markowitz can reset your compass away from repeating the conditioned patterns of your past and co-creating heart-centered, dynamic, ever-expanding intimate relationships now.

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